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Demanded Characters- Maxima

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters. This week we take a look at the powerful queen with her sights set on the Man of Steel. She came to Earth looking to take him as a mate and became a hero, mostly, on Earth. Let’s take a look at what Maxima could add to the DCUC line. 

Last week it looks like most of the Titans fans want to see the red jeans version of Wonder Girl first in the DCUC line.

So if you are a Queen who rules an entire empire, and can dress in next to nothing, what in the world do you want? You want a mate that you can control, but who is also strong enough to protect you or be your equal.  When Maxima was bored and wanted to make her empire grow, she wanted a mate to do that with. Unfortunately, there were none around her that could stand up to her.  At the same time, Superman was fighting in competitions on Mongul’s world and got her attention.  She became obsessed with getting him to be her mate.  She used all her powers from strength, to mental abilities, to plain old sex appeal; yet Superman could not be won over. His heart belonged to a human, Lois Lane.  Even though she was rejected, she stayed on Earth. When her own planet rejected her, she accepted her new home and joined the JLA during her time on Earth.

There are two major looks that she has had over the years.  

The first is the most classic look.  She is in her green, red, and yellow costume. Though it is a stretch to call it an outfit, given how little material there actually is.  If she was made she would have to be a larger female, using the Harley body would mean she is too small. While I hope that Mattel would make a bigger female body I don’t think they will.  

The second look came out of the 90’s, and is a much more modest look.  She is all purple with gold highlights.  This could be a great costume, but if they simply paint on the details it would be a little flat, so I hope if this version was made we would see some sculpted details.  

So which version of Maxima do you want to see in the DCUC line?

*Some images courtesy of Comic Vine

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