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At The Movies with SCB 2/8/9

review.gifThis week we’ll be taking a look at Push, starring Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, and Djimon Hounsou. Story about ordinary people doing extraoridinary things with superpowers. Sound familiar?

 Heroes the movie? Yeah, sort of.







There’s an agency run by the U.S. government who looks into and recruits people with super powers for their own agenda. Chris Evans is a second generation telekinetic, who’s father was killed by the agency. He teams up with Dakota Fanning, also a second generation cognitive. Agency is after a girl with powers and the other two must get involved according to a vision.

Despite seeming like Heroes, the movie is pretty original in it’s own right. It’s not great by any means and really missing an epic superhero feel that never seems to come. I actually think it needs a sequel to finish the storyline, doubt it will make any money to make a Push 2: Push Harder though.

It’s okay, mild recommendation if you’re into superhero films or He’s Just Not That Into You is sold out.


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