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At The Movies with SCB – 2/1/8

review.gifAnother double feature this week. A great action revenge flick and a typical horror movie.

First up we have the heavily anticipated Taken. This was released overseas way before the U.S. got to see it, so many people caught it voer the net. I knew I’d like this, so I waited a few weeks.







This is a movie that knows it’s audience and delivers what it promises from the trailers.

Liam Neeson has a particular set of skills, skills that make him a nightmare for people like you and I. His daughter has been kidnapped and he will kill you.

Great action movie. Once it starts, it does not stop. He’s part Leone from the Professional and other part Jack Bauer.

Performance wise, Neeson dominates 99% of the screen time. Famke Jansen and Maggie Grace show up time to time. Neeson is great and totally believable as a bad ass.

Best man movie of the year, when does Crank 2 come out?

And next up is The Uninvited, story about the evil step mom coming after you.





Bride Wars was sold out, again. so, I checked out The Uninvited, sequel to last week’s The Unborn.

This is actually a decent attempt at an old school horror movie thriller. I was really liking it, til the big twist at the end. I’m not entirely sure the good parts of the movie work after you learn the ending. It’s a good twist in the sense that you don’t see it coming, but you’ve seen this one before. I don’t think it was a good idea, changed the movie entirely.

The very likable Elizabeth Banks is actually a pretty good villain. And the movie is a lot better than it looks, despite the way it’s handled.

It’s entertaining, but see it with caution.


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