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At The Movies with SCB – 2/15/9

This week we’ll be taking a look at the long aniticipated or dreaded Friday The 13th remake.

The franchise kind of died off with the inevitable poor sequels. Then we had Jason X. which I actually understood unlike a lot of people who didn’t get it was a comedy. Lastly we left off with Freddy vs. Jason. I think I understood that too, but didn’t like it. It made the originals a joke, unlike Jason X which celebrated Mr. Voorhies in a funny way. It’s SUPER JASON!

Let’s get on with the show.







This is the Best remake/sequel of a horror franchise I’ve seen. It’s kind of hard to believe these guys did the last two Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes. I don’t think this series was ever great or had any great movies, mostly just a iconic classic. This would be right in line of the best of them, which might be two out of the whole series.

I was actually surprised how disciplined they were with the handling of Jason. They don’t throw him in your face like Rob Zombie does with the 8 feet tall Michael Myers. He’s a bad ass, but also a believable killer hanging out in the swamps looking to kill anyone. They also did a great job of keeping him a mystery, he’s just Jason and nobody knows or asks why, too busy running for their lives.

The chicks in this movie are handled in a total 80’s horror way, you’ll see. I felt I was watching the old series again with the awesome nudity and slaying while getting some.

The kills are awesome and actually surprising, all the way till the credits hit.

They kind of take the Batman Begins approach to this by trying to make it reality based and having logical explanations for the supernatural stuff in the originals, how Jason teleports or how he’s alive (gasp!).However, I think if they do make a sequel to this, they will most likely go back to the supernatual route.

My only complaint might be that the parts of the movie where Jason is nowhere to be seen, drags too long.

I want to see more sequels from this. Go see it.


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