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Demanded Characters – Shadowpact

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  We end our month long look at some of the magical beings in the DCU with a team, instead of an individual. One magical team with tons of personality and quite a few heavy hitters that have to be part of the DCUC line. This week we break down Shadowpact to see who is your most demanded team member.

Last week there was another run away poll of for the classic version of Eclipso.

While there have been multiple incarnations of this team when the magic in the DCU goes a little crazy, the modern team has become rather popular in the DCU.  The book seems to have a loyal following, and really, how bad can a book be when you have a chimp running the show? So let’s break down the team and see how you rank them.  

Blue Devil- Out of all the heroes on this team, Blue Devil is by far the most recognized name on the list.  While at first his Blue skin was a costume, it became his permanent look thanks to an attack from a demon on the set of a movie he was shooting.  From that day on he has been tied to the magical world, and though his appearance can seem menacing, he is a good guy through and through.  His modern costume is one that would require minimal retooling and this makes him a great candidate of the DCUC line.  Not to mention that while some may think his name would have an impact on him being made, we did get a Demon in wave one.

Detective Chimp- This chimp has a mind that would rival Batman, and he helps guide this team through all kinds of magical peril.  A quick drink from a magical fountain turned this circus sideshow into a star on his own.  Even though he had the brains and the ability to conduct himself as a real detective, no one took him seriously and this led to a life of drinking.  In fact, he helped form the modern Pact when he was drunk in the Oblivion Bar.  He would require a ton of new parts, because he could not be a regular figure and might even have to be a pack in because of his size.  Though if you think about it, with some slight changes he could also be used for a base for Gleek.  

Enchantress- Well, who does not want a hot witch?  That idea kept Charmed on the air for almost 8 years, so why should it not be a reason for a new figure? June Moon was a blonde, who changed to the dark haired Enchantress. She wavered from time to time as a hero but also has been known to be a villain because of the power she is able to call to her. When she speaks her name, Enchantress, she is taken over by a magical force; changing her appearance, personality and abilities.  For this reason she is a valuable member of the team.  She does have one little problem, she can go a little crazy if she takes on too much magic.  So she is a good girl, who could be come a bad girl at anytime.  We do have a few choices for the figure, one that looks like a witch and then one that looks more sorceress like.  Either way she would sell.  

Nightmaster- What team is complete without a medieval reference?  From Batman on the JLA, to Joker in the injustice Gang, the Shadowpact have their own resident knight.  From playing a guitar to wielding a sword, Jim Rook has had an interesting life.  A humble rocker was transported to a dimension full of warriors.  He emerged back in to our reality changed, turned in to a knight from his experiences in this other realm.  He could borrow the sword from Deathstroke, be a body double for the Shining knight, and help build his own team, Shadowpact.  What else do you need to get from this figure?  

Nightshade- She brings some history to the team. While the other team members were mostly solo acts before Shadow Pact, Nightshade has some history with teams.  From Task Force X to Suicide Squad, she has been on both sides of the fight.  Though she may have some of the most experience on a team, she seems to bring a very youthful aspect to the team.  She has a very youthful look these days, and would look great using the Harley Body, let’s just hope they don’t put too much blue on her face too.  

Ragman- What a tortured character.  Like the Spectre, he helps the heavens get vengeance for the evil that men do, but what makes him different is that he is powered by that evil.  He absorbs those evil people into the rags that cover his body, then uses their energy to give himself super powers.  He is tormented by those rags of sin, but what a cool figure he would make.  From head to toe there is no doubt that the Horsemen would make him an incredibly detailed figure, with his rags flowing all over, and if Mattel gets the paint right, simply amazing.  

Zauriel- Coming from the Morrison relaunch of the JLA in the 90’s, this is one angelic character.  He is an angel fallen to earth, helping the modern heroes to defeat evil in all forms.  He took on the Hawkman role in the JLA during his time on the team. Speaking of Hawkman, we now know that Mattel and the Horseman can do amazing wings, so why not use them and some of Carter’s parts to make Zauriel?  With the mullet Superman of wave 6 or the Electric Sups of wave 2, we are well on our way to building that team. However, I suspect it might be a year or two before we finish that team.  
There you have it: the rag tag group of magical beings that make up the Shadowpact.  I know there are many other characters that could be called part of this team, but these are the heavy hitters.  Phantom Stranger is more of a force all his own, and while Darla Aquista is magic, I would consider her more of a Robin character.  So out of the choices above, who on the team do you want more in the DCUC line?

Some images courtesy of Comic Vine

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