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Demanded Characters – Eclipso

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  This week we continue our magical theme. We will take a look at the character that was the original spirit of vengeance for the heavens, and is now a powerful adversary for the Spectre, Eclipso.  

Last week it looked like the fans called for the Jim Corrigan version of the Spectre, maybe even as a C&C figure.  

So after learning about the original Spectre last week, one thing that was left out was that the spirit of the Spectre was not the heaven’s first attempt at a spirit of vengeance.  While the Spectre deals in justice (brutal, but justice none the less), Eclipso was born to deliver wrath to the wicked.  The Spectre was created to work in shadows, and deliver a supernatural vengeance. On the other hand, Eclipso was flesh and able to turn any human into it’s tool.  The spirit of Eclipso used a black diamond to control anyone who came into possession of the diamond and, and they became the tool of the spirit of wrath.  When it became apparent that Eclipso was not the right tool for the job the spirit own tool, the black diamond, was turned into its own prison.  The diamond was shattered and pieces have fallen all over the DCU.  Now lets take a look at some of the most famous hosts of this evil spirt.

Dr. Bruce Gordon- Gordon was studying a solar eclipse when he came into contact with a piece of the gem, and the power was intoxicating.  During his time as a host for Eclipso he fought against the spirit, but like most humans he was unable to control the monster inside the diamond.  It was in this host that Eclipso got his most famous look and became a major force in the DCU.  The look is something like a grown up elf, with a pink, black, and purple costume.  The costume is complete with Spock ears, and a pink Smurf-like hat.  While it seems a little silly it has become the character’s most iconic look.  

Alex Montez- When Gordon was able to reject the spirit of the diamond, another person took on the roll of Eclipso, but this time the host was ready. Alex Montez was related to the second Wildcat, Yolanda Montez.  He joined the JSA to take care of the trophy room, but had another plan in mind.  Learning all about the spirit, he covered his body in tattoos, which kept the spirit in check.  He used an injected form of the diamonds to gain the power, and a diamond shard to summon the power.  He flirted with danger every time he activated the power, until one of his protection tattoos was destroyed.  Rather than let the monster inside win, he took his own life.  His look was rather simple, a moderately sized man, covered in tattoos; nothing special, but it would be a welcome addition to a JSA display.  
Jean Loring-  Jean was the wife of Ray Palmer, the Atom.  Though the two are divorced, it did not stop her from trying to win back her husband.  Like most villains, she is a tragic case; she became a super villain and lost the respect of the heroes over the past few years.  She hit rock bottom when Ray had her committed to Arkham Asylum. During her stay a certain black diamond was sent to her, and she accepted the power that came with it.  Using her feminine charms she seduced the host-less Spectre and destroyed the current world of magic, giving birth to a whole new magical age in the DCU.  While this seemed to be a good thing, what it really did was throw the whole DCU into turmoil, and almost tore the whole world apart.  Jean as Eclipso is something of a cross between Big Barda and a stripper.  The only problem with her in a DCUC display is that she is dated, like Earth-2 Superman would be, and I wonder where she would fit in as a the line grows.  
So there you have it: the most famous looks of Eclipso.  What version do you want to see first in the DCUC line?

Some images courtesy of Comic Vine

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