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Demanded Characters – The Ultra Humanite

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  The past few weeks have been focused on single pack figures, so I thought it was time to give some love to the Build a figures. Why not start with Ultra Humanite: should he be a big monkey or should he be normal size human?

Last week’s poll…yeah let’s skip that.

The Ultra Humanite is a villain who has had many faces thought the years. He started as a scientist,  moved on to life in an actress, and then to the current gorilla like appearance.  The Ultra Humanite was the original Lex Luthor in the Superman stories during the Golden Age.  He was replaced by Luthor in the DCU, but lived on in Earth-2 history.  Like all mad scientists he was an older bald man in a lab coat.  His death was not something he left unplanned, and he was able to implant his mind in the body of an actress: Delores Winters.  This form worked well for a while, until his most famous look was introduced, an Albino ape.  Winters was transferred into the ape and gave him not only an amazing intellect but also the strength of a giant ape.  

In his past he has been a villain of the JSA as well as the JLA.  He has shown that his mind and body are a match for the great heroes on the DCU.  He can match wits with Batman but also go toe to toe with Superman. This has made him a formidable villain. Even though he is defeated time and time again, the Humanite seems to be a higher class of villain; not always trying come up with some gimmick crime. Most recently he has been behind some plan of the Time Steelers in the Booster Gold book.  

So on to his looks
We have:
The generic mad scientist: This look could borrow from many parts from the body of the Gentleman Ghost, while giving us an easy variant for Lex in a lab coat.  

The dark haired beauty:  This look would give us a body for other females like Talia or a new version of Catwoman, but is very generic.

The Great White Ape: This is no doubt one of the most famous looks of the character.  This body would give a great BAF and maybe give Mattel a reason to reuse some Grood parts.


So guys head over to the poll and lets hear how this great villain should be made.

Some images courtesy of Comic Vine

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