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Demanded Characters – Batman Beyond and Others

Welcome back to another edtion of Demanded Characters.  This week saw the release of an animated character that a lot of fans did not want in this line, but who turned out to be a great variant figure.  Batman Beyond is a nice overall figure.  But now the question becomes: do you want to see more of the Beyond Universe in the DCUC line?

Last week it looks like most of the fans agree that we need a Ra’s and he should be followed by Talia, but which Talia is a question for another article.

Batman Beyond’s Terry Mcginnis is a charater that was born in the Timm animated DCU.  When the Batman and Superman shows were ending they decided instead of another hero they would create a whole new world and a whole new Batman.  While he was still part of the DCAU he had a whole new Rogues Gallery. Some were old enemies, while most were new twists on old villains. Names like The Jokerz, Ink, the Royal Flush gang, and Spellbinder were new enmies for a new time. Terry’s life was shaped to follow in Bruce Wyane’s footsteps, with a little hlep from Bruce and Amanda Waller. Terry was not the detective that Bruce was,  rather someone who, with Bruce’s help, became a new Batman.

The same question that Legion posed to us as fans is one that this Universe poses too.  There is no doubt that we need as many figures as we can get, but is it too early in this line to start in on this universe? The DCAU is a mirror of the DCU, but the Beyond world is something new.  Like the Legion, once you start where do you stop? Not to mention, whose spot does the Beyonders take up?  Another issue that most have is that while the Horsemen give their own take on the classic comic designs, Beyond is not a comic it is from the animated world.  While Terry has shown up, his rogues have not.  So do cartoon characters belong in this line?

There is one problem: if we don’t see any more figures from this universe, where does he fit?  Terry is out of place in any display, no matter how you think about it, so i would would say that we need at least one more figure from this world to give Terry someplace to be.  An aged Mr Freeze, a Tim Drake Joker, or even a Royal Flush gang would fit in with him and the rest of the DCU.  I think that while putting him in was a nice thing, they made a figure that does not really fit in the line as is right now.

Head over to the thread and talk about whether we should get more Beyond figures in DCUC.

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