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Make My Marvel! – Songbird

The extended Massive Mammary Month at MakeMyMarvel! bravely forges ahead despite disasters both economic and political.  I know ’cause I read the papers.  ALL OF THEM, Katie.  This week’s double-x chromafem is villain-turned-hero Songbird!  Bad girl-gone-good?  The only way she could be hotter is if she had glasses and the I.Q. of cement.

Make My Marvel! – Songbird

Melissa Schwartz  had it rough from the start.  Mother in prison for robbery, alcoholic father… Running away from home was pretty much a given. wasn’t it?  Melissa lived on the streets for a few years before putting together some semblance of a dysfuntcional life.  That turned to crap too, when her scummy boyfriend set her up to take the fall for him in a burglary.  With her mother’s record, no leniency was given and Melissa went straight to prison.


After she got out, Melissa became involved with an all-female pro wrestling team called the Grapplers.  The glamazon thing was, however, just a cover as the group was actually a supervillain team.  After several defeats at the hands of the likes of Quazar and Dazzler, Melissa, having since dubbed herself Screaming Mimi, left to join Masters of Evil.

After joining, Mimi quickly became very close to fellow villain Angar the Screamer due to their backgrounds and similar powers.  When he was killed, the strain was too much for Mimi who screamed so loud that she lost her voice and sonic powers.  Understandable.  I’m sure a lot of people felt that way.  The petition must’ve been over a dozen names long.

Team leader Baron Zemo arranged via the Fixer for Mimi to obtain new, sound-based kinetic powers using highly advanced neck implants.  As part of the deal, Mimi joined Zemo in his plan to obtain the Reed Richards’ technology by disguising himself and a new villain team as the Thunderbolts, a group of superheroic do-gooders.

At this point, Mimi adopted the hero alias Songbird and, eventually, fell in love with Mach-IV aka the Beetle.  Later, when Songbird and several other members of the team decided that they actually liked being heroes, they turned on Zemo.  When Mach-IV later turned himself in to the authorities, Songbird left the team.

Hawkeye soon formed a new Thunderbolts team with both Songbird and Mach-IV re-enlisting.  The team again disbanded when Hawkeye was imprisoned for his vigilante antics and the now-pardoned former villains went their separate ways.  Unfortunately for Songbird, her civilian life was cut short in a chance encounter with Gravitron.  She survived, but lost Mach-IV in the aftermath.

Songbird was soon recruited by SHIELD to help destroy Scream, a twisted resurrection of Angar.  It was later revealed that Mach-IV had survived and the two were reunited, though briefly before they had a falling out over his decision to, yet again, turn himself in and finish serving his sentence.

Since then, the Thunderbolts have re-formed several times over, most recently into a work-release supervillain army tasked with enforcing the Superhero Registration Act under Tony Stark.  Songbird has taken over leadership of the team by blackmailing Norman Osborn.  She’s recently made enemies of the most dangerous supervillains in the Marvel U. and the fallout is yet to be seen.

How to make it:  This one’s pretty simple.  Take any existing female TB body, add new head, new arms and neck accessory.  Package her with Helmut Zemo or any other Thunderbolt.

Which version of Songbird do you most want made for Marvel Legends?

Screaming Mimi

Screaming Mimi 2

Screaming Mimi 3


Mimi (bounty hunter)


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