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Make My Marvel! – Deathbird

Mammary month continues in enhanced fashion (stupid hurricanes) with the X-villainess Deathbird.  Are you brave enough to click the link and find out where else she has feathers?

Make My Marvel! – Deathbird

Eldest of three royal heirs, Caly’syee Neramani was denied the throne of the Shi-ar Empire when prophecy foretold her doing great evil.  Later, after having murdered most of her family, Deathbird was exiled.  She made her way to Earth where she came into conflict with several of Earth’s heroes including Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye.

After time spent licking her wounds, Deathbird resurfaced and, allying herself with the Brood, deposed then emperor D’Ken.  She continued her treachery when her sister, Lilandra, succeeded D’Ken.  She later managed to capture the throne with the aid of the skrulls, but was forced to flee when her new allies betrayed her.  She sought the help of the X-Men and was thus able to save the empire.  Her sister back in power, Deathbird declined any right to return to the throne as she claimed to find the position boring.  Her skills in battle later earned her the position of viceroy following war with the Kree.

Later, Deathbird struck another bargain with the Skrulls to capture and hand over Bishop to Apocalypse.  In order to achieve this, she conned and seduced the X-Man.  Despite genuine romantic feelings on her part, Deathbird still eventually betrayed Bishop to Apocalypse.  The betrayal was however two-fold as Deathbird was also captured and was transformed into one of Apocalypse’s horsemen.

Following Apocolypse’s defeat, Deathbird escaped and soon became embroiled in the events of Maximum Security, which saw Earth becoming an intergalactic prison.  She came into direct conflict with Bishop and, convinced that the X-Man would save her over the Earth, threw herself into the vacuum of space.  However, Deathbird understimated how much Bishop hated her as he allowed her to seemingly perish.

Deathbird was saved by the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and was incarcerated for her crimes.  She was freed when Vulcan escaped and the two became romantically involved.  Deathbird helped Vulcan restore D’Ken to sanity and to the throne.  Deathbird married Vulcan following their eventual betrayal of D’Ken.  This again brought them into conflict with the X-Men.  During the battle, Vulcan was gravely injured and the two escaped.

Unlike most modern Shi’ar, Deathbird is a "throwback" posessing the claws and wings of her race’s ancestors.  She’s also apparently an enormous intergalactic ho.  She-Hulk beware: your title is in contention.

How to make it: This one will most likely have to be a new sculpt with alternate evil smirking and enraged heads, as well as a battle spear and extra clawed hands. Include her in a 2-pack with either classic Ms. Marvel, Polaris, Vulcan or hoverchair/fatigues Xavier.

Which version of Deathbird do you most want made for Marvel Legends?

First Appearance/Modern




Modern (cleavage!)

Age of Apocalypse (cape)

*Images blatently stolen from Comicvine*

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