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Make My Marvel! – Mockingbird

Make My Marvel! Massive Mammary Month sadly comes to a close this week.  (pauses for wails and rending of garments).  I know, I know.  I was hoping to get to Big Bertha, too.  Oh, the possibilities.  Anyways, with this week’s final mammtastic installment we focus on former Avenger and current mortuary meat Mockingbird.   


:sigh: With all those "m"s I should have gone with M.  I guess I’ll save her for Massive Mammary Month II: the Enhancenening.

Make My Marvel! – Mockingbird

Barbara Morse was an average girl: supermodel good looks, dual PhDs and world class gymnast when she became an agent of SHIELD.  Barbara’s first mission took her to the Savage Land where she teamed with Kazar in search of Dr. Sallis (who would later become the Man-Thing).  The two heroes inadvertantly fell upon and broke up an AIM operation involving re-creating the super soldier serum that created Captain America.  Afterwards, Morse was assigned as Kazar’s escort in America.  The two became romantically involved, but Morse was unfortunately not blonde enough for Kazar, who soon opted to return to the Savage Land.

Morse took the codename Mockingbird and became SHIELD’s inside (wo)man, investigating and ousting rogue elements within the supersecret organization.  All was peachy until Mockingbird was seriously injured during an intensive operation.  Following her recovery, she resigned from SHIELD to become a freelance adventurer.  One of her earliest missions found her teaming up with the Avenger Hawkeye. The two eloped following the completion of the mission.  When Hawkeye returned to the Avengers to head the team’s west coast off-shoot, Mockingbird followed.

The couple’s first major upheaval came when the WC Avengers accidentally left Mockingbird behind in the old west.  During this period, Mockingbird fell prey to the Phantom Rider.  As attractive women would not be invented for at least another few decades, the Rider became obsessed with making the superheroine his own.  Through the use of potions and good old-fashioned roofies, Phantom Rider did just that: making Mockingbird his Hef bunny.  Eventually, Mockingbird regained her senses and fought back against the Rider.  Still reeling from the months of physical and mental rape, Mockingbird allowed Phantom Rider to fall to his death during a pitched battle.  She returned to the present, but did not reveal any of what happened during her exile.

The entity that had been possessing Phantom Rider followed Mockingbird and began to torment her.  Her actions in the past were revealed to Hawkeye and the rest of the Avengers.  The questionable ethics of what she’d done led to controversy which caused Mockingbird to leave the team.  Along with Moon Knight and Tigra, Mockingbird went on to have her own adventures, one of which included finally exorcising Phantom Rider’s hold on her.  Mockingbird’s later misjudgement involving the capture of the Vision brought her again into conflict the Avengers.

Mockingbird did eventually return to both the Avengers and Hawkeye.  Shortly after the happy homecoming however, Mockingbird sacrificed herself to save Hawkeye from the demon Mephisto.  As a result, she became forever trapped in Mephisto’s realm where she continues to battle to this day (contrary to any damned skrull misinformation).

How to make it: Most parts from any basic female ML will do here, along with newly-sculpted forearms (the baggy sleeves) and lower legs (female boot-cuffs at long last!).  A new, character-specific headsculpt is a given along with her batons.  Extra skrull head is also an option.

Which version of Mockingbird do you most want made for Marvel Legends?

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