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DC Universe Classics Polls – JSA Finale and Freedom Fighters

dcuc.gifLast week we got the ball rolling on the first of a series of DC Universe Classics Fan Polls to follow up on our most recent Top Ten vote. The Justice Society of America seemed like an appropriate place to start and we now have for you the results of the two preliminary polls, the JSA final poll, as well as the next team to be examined- the Freedom Fighters. Oh, and just to ensure that we make these polls as complete and informative as possible, we have brought in our newest E-Zine contributor, SDcomics to lend his knowledge and enthusiasm for all things DC!

As was stated last week, we have taken the results of the two opening JSA polls and have combined the top five vote getters from each to comprise the picks for the final. So, as you can see by the full results listed below, Wildcat, Mr. Terrific, Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Stargirl, Sandman, Liberty Belle, Spectre, Starman and Obsidian have now moved on to our final poll. Time to make the really tough choice and vote for the JSAer you want to see made in the DCUC line the most! The winner of this poll will be featured in our final write up that we will have at the end of all of these votes (which, judging by the pure scope of completeness we are aiming for, should be around June or so, heh. Just kidding. Seriously). It seems likely that we might see some of these sooner than later, but we want to make our priorities known- it is time to start building the JSA in DCUC. Atom Smasher is going to get lonely!

After you have decided on your pick for the Society, it is time to consider another of DC’s most storied and long standing teams- the Freedom Fighters. We have compiled a look into the team’s history as well as a written and pictoral briefing on the ten members of the team we have selected for voting. This is the only Freedom Fighters poll we will feature, so consider your choice carefully. Again, we will let Mattel decide on specific character to go with our legacy heroes, but we have done the background check on eras ranging from World War II all the way up to today. Do you prefer the Phantom Lady, or is the Red Bee more your style? Miss America you say? Well, vote and make it count!

Like last time, these polls will remain open for one week and will be closed promptly on Thursday, October 23rd. So, carefully consider your pick, and if you don’t know much about the Freedom Fighters, check out the thread- but don’t forget to vote!

This is the DC Universe! The Freedom Fighters and JSA help make up a rich tapestry of characters that make this expansive universe so great- now it is time to get the toys!


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