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DC Universe Classics Top Ten Follow Up Polls

dcuc.gifWell, we finally got the results of the Big Dance out and the ten elite spots have been filled by your choices. As you know, the DC Universe is a BIG place, much too big to be contained by just one Top Ten, right? Well, we have a little something cooked up for you, because everyone loves to vote for their favorite characters and then tell legions of internet-types why my pick is right, and yours might be wrong!

So what do we have for you? Well, read on to find out.

We are going to keep this simple. Very simple. As you know, the regular Top Ten is wide open. Now we are going to focus our picks for characters on a team by team basis. Yep, time to pit all of your favorites that usually work together against each other! How maniacal! How twisted! How, well, you get the point. So here is what we are going to do:

We have chosen some characters from the most popular teams/groups/conglomerates/associates in the DC Universe and have put them into polls. We will do a couple teams at a time and give about a week for each voting cycle. It will be done in full poll style, one vote per person. That is right, you don’t get to pick ten this time, just one! Or maybe two.

Now, we are going to hit all of your favorite teams- the JLA, the JSA, Freedom Fighters, Seven Soldiers, Titans, Doom Patrol, Legion and on and on. We will even have some polls for the bad guys and Collect and Connect-sized figures. We are going to try to make this as complete as possible, without making it overly hard. Sound fair?

Each poll will have NO more than ten choices, some might have less though, just depending on the team. We have made/are making all of the character choices for each poll and we will not announce which team is coming next for voting until the day the poll starts. Now, we are going to try to be as accommodating as possible BUT some characters just aren’t going to make it in. Some by design, some by oversight/whatever. I can tell you this though- NO ONE who made it into the most recent Top Ten will be in these polls. We already know you want them! Now is the time to tell us who you want the most from each team.

So are you ready to start? Well, I am. So here is the thing- we are going to start with the Justice Society of America! Why? Because I am totally lazy and SDcomics has done most of the work form in this thread! Check it out for tons of pictures and background on the JSA. This team has a rich history and has had A LOT of members over the years. So, we are going to be nice- we are going to hold TWO JSA polls simultaneously, each with ten characters (arranged randomly). These polls will last for a week then the top FIVE from each will be tossed into one poll to decide who is the most wanted of the most wanted. Ooh, sounds fun right?

The top pick from the final poll will be featured in our wrap-up write-up at the end of this giant charade. So, the JSA gets TWO weeks and then we will move on the next team. Don’t worry, some of the other larger teams might get two weeks too. Maybe.

So, time to jump in and vote for your favorite Society members. Oh, and just for fun, we are leaving some of the "legacy" characters ambiguous because we are hoping to drive as many people crazy as possible. Have fun with that. Mwahahahahaha!



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