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Make My Marvel! – Spider-Girl

While bravely dodging one hurricane and waiting for the next (i.e, cowering under bed clutching bankee), Make My Marvel! Mammary Month continues with a heroine who’s coasting less on her cleavage and more on her daddy’s rep.  Let’s keep the money train rolling with Spider-Girl!

Make My Marvel! – Spider-Girl

Daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Parker, May inherited her father’s powers and superheroic legacy at fifteen courtesy of her mutant genes. Having lost his leg and given up his superhero career long ago, May knew that Peter would be against her taking up his mantle.  To that end, My worked in secret and trained with her uncle.

By the time Peter had given her his grudging blessing, May, now Spider-girl, was already on her way to being a veteran costumed crime-fighter.  Spider-Girl and her father had an inadvertant team-up when May was transported to the current era.  She fought with and against both Spider-man and the Human Torch before eventually returning to her own time.


In a battle with the villain Killerwatts, Spider-girl temporarilly lost her powers.  For a time she used the Green Goblin’s glider and gadgetry to continue crime-fighting.  After her powers had returned, Spider-girl faced the offspring of several of Spider-man’s arch-villains.

How to make it: So easy it hurts, this one.  Or, rather, it would be if Hasbro had anything akin to basic, female teen body.  So, this one might have to be from scratch, though the investment would be worth it considering the other female teenage characters that could be made further down the road (Jubilee, YA Hawkeye, Armor, etc).

Which version of Spider-Girl do you most want made for Marvel Legends?

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Ultimate Kitty Pryde


**Images blatantly pilfered from Comicvine, Marvel Database**


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