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Make My Marvel! – Goblin Queen

What’s more idiotic than defying a mandatory hurricane evacuation order?  Doing a write-up of a fictional character for suggested production for a toyline while defying a mandatory hurricane evacuation order.  Yes, my commitment to the month of be-breasted heroines of the Marvel U. is that strong.  Make My Marvel! Mammary Month continues bouncing along (with little-or-no support) with Madelyn Pryor.

Make My Marvel! – Goblin Queen

The existance of Madelyne Pryor is one of those ludicrous comicbook concepts wherein everyone suddenly becomes rock stupid (no one notices Clark Kent is Superman with glasses, Mighty Avengers, etc).  Following the death of Jean Grey, Cyclops met pilot Madelyne Prior in Alaska.  She was the identical image of the (believed) deceased Jean.  Scott and every other person who’d known Jean and met Madelyne remarked about the uncanny resmblance, but no one ever questioned it.  See, that’s meat-helmet dumb.

(shock, gasp) Madelyne was actually the clone of Jean Grey, created by Mr. Sinister in order to harness Jean’s inherint powers towards making the ultimate mutant.  For a time, Sinister thought he’d made a dud, but the death of the Pheonix Force (then disguised as Jean) changed that.  At the moment of the Pheonix’s death, Maddy awoke.  Sinister then put his plan into motion.  He altered Maddy’s memories and arranged for her to meet and fall in love with Scott Summers.  Obviously a mentally healthy individual, Scott met, married, and knocked up Madelyne.

Almost immediately after the birth of their son, Nathan, Scott learned that Jean Grey was alive and well.  He left Madelyne and the baby.  Shortly after that, Sinister’s Marauders struck.  They took Nathan and left Madelyne for dead.  Off the hook and with a pep in his step, Scott continued the rekindling of his romance with Jean.  Meanwhile, the X-men (also believed deceased at the time) found Maddy still alive and brought her with them to their Outback base.  She soon found a role as the X-men’s resident computer expert while engaging in a torrid affair with Havok, her husband’s brother.  The two became so hot and heavy that they not only missed the calls from the bookers at Maury Povitch, they also neglected to notice Maddy’s gradual descent into depression.  Again, we are stunned to the point of loss of bowel control!

During this period, the demons S’ym and N’astirh began taunting Maddy in her dreams.  It was at her lowest point that Maddy agreed to help the demons establish a foothold in her reality in exchange for power, her son and revenge.  If she’s held out a bit longer, they might thrown in some psychiatric counseling.  The ensuing events (known as Inferno) saw the warping of the 616 reality into a demonic perversion of itself.  Maddy, now calling herself the Goblin Queen, came into conflict with both the X-men and X-factor.  It was at this point that Mr. Sinister finally revealed to Maddy her true origin and purpose as nothing more than breeding stock.  This put what little sanity Maddy had left into the deep fryer.  She turned on both Sinister and the demons.  In a pitched battle with Jean Grey over the life of her son, Madelyne was killed, both her memories and those of the Pheonix Force being absorbed into Jean.

When Nate Grey escaped to the 616 universe from his own doomed reality, he unconsciously used his powers to recreate a physical form for the disembodied essence of Madelyne.  Returned to corporeal form, Maddy joined up with the Hellfire Club in order to carry out her revenge on Scott Summers and Jean Grey.  Eventually, she returned to Nate, acting (initially) as a mother figure and then (ickilly) as his lover.  Granted, she was the clone of the alternate reality version of his mother and he was the alternate reality version of her own son, but that’s splitting inbred, tri-tipped tongue hairs.  Aw, who am I kidding?  If I had an alternate realtiy relative of any kind that looked like that and was all over me, I’d probably hit it too.  Sometime during this period, Maddy was actually being impersonated by the evil Jean Grey from another reality with her own agenda, though it’s not exactly clear at which points.  Maddy met her end (again) and is currently exiled to the psychic plane.

How to make it: Following the two-pack format, include Maddy with X-man, an alternate head and a few mini-demons ala Marvel Toys’ the Darkness.  And, before you ask, yes, the original Goblin Queen look is possible as a toy option.  If Hasbro can make such scandellous figures as Unleashed Padme, Unleashed Leia, Shanna, She-Hulk (savage) and bra-less Blob, then Maddy’s revealing attire is definitely on the table.

Which version of the Goblin Queen do you most want made for Marvel Legends?

Madelyne Prior


Goblin Queen

Leather McStrapbuckle

Hellfire Club

Sunday Best

Casper the Slutty Ghost

Marvel Woman (Mutant X)

Goblin Queen (Mutant X)

X-Men: the End

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