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Demanded Characters- Star Sapphire

Welcome back to Demanded Characters.  This week we continue to look at the big villains of the DCU.  One of the hottest books and story lines right now is the saga of the Green Lanterns.  The green energy they wield represents willpower; soon after one of theirs went bad we got the yellow power of fear.  Over the last year we learned that there are many more colors in the spectrum, so this week we will focus on the color pink.  Pink is a very female color and in the Green Lantern world it represents love, a deadly love wielded by those called the Star Sapphires.

Last week there was much debate over the villainous Dr. Light, but the one piece belt took the top spot.

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Who would not want a hot girl scantily clad in pink hanging on everything you say?  Well when she goes all fatal attraction on you, you might think twice about the whole situation.  The thought of a modern day black widow- type woman is something that would scare away the average man, but not the fearless test pilot Hal Jordan.  He has flown some of the biggest and meanest machines with wings and faced down the most deadly aliens in the world, so a homicidal woman with a deadly crush does not phase him.  In fact he rushes to her side to be with her, even in the worst of times. 

Hal Jordan, arguably the best Green Lantern ever, has seen his share of problems in his life. In the past 10 years or so he has seen the destruction of his home town Coast City; gone on his own murderous rampage through the stars, killing friends and enemies; and become the angel of vengeance, only to return to his mortal form.  Even after all that Hal is still in love with Carol Ferris.  Carol was possessed by the Sapphire Gem and though the gem pumped her up with a hatred for all Green Lanterns, she fought it for a long time, because deep down she was in love with Hal.  He would time and time again fight her in her possessed form to free her from the bonds of the emotion-filled gem. 

So who are the Star Sapphires?  The first appearance of the Sapphire dates back to the early days of the Justice Society.  The origin of this group goes back to the origin of the Guardians. While the Guardians decided their powers would reflect the absence of emotion, all the other splinter groups decided to embrace various emotions.  Most recently we found out that the Zamarons were an off-shoot of the Guardians and decided that love is the most powerful force in the universe, not fear or willpower.  They used gems to recruit their members in the past, and the female wearers of the gems would become obsessed with a male, usually a Green Lantern. This relationship between the Green Lanterns and the Star Sapphires is almost like the new love of a teenager. The Sapphires became completely obsessed with the males, which always resulted in major drama.  The Sapphires would hunt them to mate with them, kill them, and then encase their planet in crystals to preserve their love.  The Sapphires would then roam the universe looking for their next mate. The power they wielded left a great impact in the DCU, giving the Green Lanterns some of their deadliest enemies. 

So the question we have this week is which Star Sapphire do you want in the Classics line?

First Star Sapphire

Original Carol

Collar-less(Debbie Darnell)

Simple Pink

Armored Purple

Armored Purple and Pink

Modern Carol

Cowgirl Sapphire

Green Lantern Carol

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