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Demanded Characters – Amazo

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  This villain will bring a close to a month-long look at some of the most wanted villains in the DCU.  This villain can take on the whole JLA alone, and still keep going.  This is the kind of villain that every kid dreams of. I am, of course, talking about one of the first androids of the DCU, Amazo.

Last week the modern and scantily clad version of Star Sapphire seems to have sparked a great debate and won by a landslide. 

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When you think of a villain you think of the hero he is facing first.  The best villains mirror the heroes in some way.  They are a reflection of some aspect of the hero.  The villains are so impressive because they have a strength where the hero has some weakness. 

Superman’s strength is physical, and while he doesn’t have a weak mind, that is not his strength. His arch nemesis Lex Luthor’s strength is his mind. Batman’s strength is his composure while the Joker is wild and unpredictable.  The problem for most villains comes when the heroes team up. While they may be able to pull of their plan at first, it is inevitable that their own egos will get in the way of their goal, which is their ultimate downfall. 

When the JLA is working together there is typically not a force on earth that can challenge their teamwork, though Dr. Ivo had an idea: what if one villain could take on the whole JLA?  Dr. Ivo’s idea was so simple that it is the same idea that most children have, to make a being that has all the powers of the heroes. 

Amazo was built in a lab and has terrorized the Justice League ever since.  One of the first androids in the DCU, Amazo has been able to stand toe to toe with the big guns of the Justice League.  There have been multiple versions created over the years with different power levels that have plagued the DCU. Amazo has been able to out-fly Superman, out-run the Flash and out-create the Green Lantern. Though the android has been a formidable enemy, he has never fully succeeded in defeating the JLA.  The weakness that Amazo has is that he is an android, after all, and susceptible to things like being shut off, which can be a downer in the middle of a brawl. 

There have been multiple versions created throughout time. Some were built with the powers already installed, some have to be programmed, and some have to absorb the powers of surrounding heroes.  Each type of power is deadly in its own way, though the last one proves to one of the more difficult versions to defeat.  The un-programmed ones have proven to be beatable by the human heroes of the DCU like Batman and Nightwing.  Then there is the one who attacked the android Hourman and was able to steal some time powers making him an even more dangerous enemy.  Make no mistake: Amazo is a must-have for the DCU and no matter what version we get, I want him to come with a golden lasso and a power ring. 

So what version do you want to see?
Rainbow Vest



Variant Red Tornado Amazo

Kid Amazo

Blank Slate(gold or gray)

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