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Ask Hasbro (Star Wars) 3/24

Today we have the answers to the questions from our first Star Wars Q
and A with Hasbro. What are the questions? What are the answers? Read

1) Why did the Imperial Knights shown at Toy Fair have red lightsabers, in
the comic they are silver/white, will this be corrected before release?

We brought our early samples, which were incorrectly colored. They will be corrected before production.

2) Any chance of seeing a single carded Force Unleashed Vader’s Secret
Apprentice with a more game accurate headsculpt?

We don’t have any plans for releasing the Apprentice on a basic figure card.  We will be looking at the game in greater depth when it comes out to see what else resonates and should consider, but doubt that we will be re-approaching the Secret Apprentice.


3) It looks like the figures in the comic 2 packs will be more articulated
this year, is that the reason for the price increase? I am more than happy
to pay an extra dollar or 2 to get super articulated figures, so if that
the case then thank you!

That is indeed the reason for the increase, and generally there will be more articulation.  It won’t be on every figure, though, as our primary challenge is to keep the comic packs costing less than half of what two basic figures would cost; this is not easy considering they also have a pack-in comic.  But we are trying to add as much as we can to these.

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