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Ask Hasbro (Star Wars) – 1/18/8

Today we have the answers to the questions from our first Star Wars Q and A with Hasbro. What are the questions? What are the answers? Read on!


Q: Are we going to see the new ball jointed hip ( from the new Gree
figure ) applied to more figures in ’08? I’d really like to see it used
more often, the VOTC farmboy Luke figure had a hinged/swivel hip joint
that was another nice option.

A: You will see it used on a few more figures, but there won’t be
a sea change where we use it everywhere. We look at figures on a
case-by-case basis, balancing figure needs and costing, and will use it
when possible.

Q: Will Hasbro be branching into higher quality Prop replicas
(like the toy blasters and lightsabers – but better) now that Master
Replicas doesn’t have the license in 2008?

A: Yes. We have recently, with Lucasfilm, put out the announcement
that we will be picking up the FX Lightsaber business. We couldn’t be
excited about taking over this great product line. Our first order of
business is to continue with the same items out now. Once we get our
arms around that the plan is to see where we can take this exciting

Stay tuned!

Q: The McQuarrie concept figures are a hot item and lots of
people love them. What are your plans for 2008 with the concept figures
and will there be any rereleases?

A: We are resting the concept figure idea in 2008. Quite simply,
we design lines well over a year (and sometimes 18-24 months) in
advance, so at the time we were putting 2008 into development we did
not have results from fans. You have spoken – and loudly! – in support
of this concept, and we are looking at bringing it back for 2009,
although it may not be just focused on Ralh McQuarrie’s work. No
details have been cemeneted in place yet, and we don’t want to get
hopes up in case things change, but the outlook looks good that there
will be some more. 

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