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Demanded Characters – Mr. Terrific

Welcome back to another installment of Demanded Characters.  This week we will continue looking at some of the members of the JSA.  This will be a fair and honest look at a hero who upholds the idea of fair play, Mr. Terrific.

Last week, although the Golden Age Hourman put up a good fight, Rick Tyler the modern Hourman was the clear winner. 



Terry Sloane was a child genius who finished both high school and college at a very young age.  Most things came easy for Terry in both school and in the athletic world.  After mastering sports and academics he moved on to the business world.  Sloane made a fortune, but felt bored with his life.  He felt he had accomplished everything he could and that there was nothing left to life.  Sloane decided it was time to end his life.  During his attempt to end his life, he saw a woman jump off a bridge.  Quick thinking and athletic ability saved the young woman’s life and give Terry a purpose in life.  After talking with Wanda Wilson, the young woman he saved, he learned of her brother and his trouble with some gang members.  Terry would don a costume and start to fight crime under the name Mr. Terrific, defender of fair play.  Mr. Terrific became a member of the JSA, and fought crime alongside some of the Golden Age’s biggest heroes.  Terry eventually decided to give up his hero life, and become a teacher.  Sloane enjoyed his life as a college professor until the return of one his old foes: the Spirit King.  Mr. Terrific would don his costume one last time only to fail to catch the villain and lose his life in the battle. 

Many years later a new life would follow a similar path, leading to a new Mr. Terrific.  Michael Holt was a natural athlete and a genius.  He grew up fast, earning multiple PhD’s and becoming an Olympic medalist.  Using his brain Holt ran Cyberwear, a high tech firm which he renamed Holt Holdings.  Even with all his success the idea of suicide would enter into this man’s mind as well.  The death of his brother, wife and unborn child would drive Michael over the edge.  At the point of committing the act the spirit know as the Spectre appeared before Michael.  As a man of science Holt never believed in a higher power, but at this low point in his life he listened to the Spectre.  Holt learned of the original Mr. Terrific and the events of Sloane’s life.  Holt decided to take up the mantel of Mr. Terrific and become a new hero in the DCU.  Currently Mr. Terrific is a member of both the JSA and Checkmate, and a friendly rival of Batman. 

So the question again comes down to Modern vs. Golden Age. Which one do we want to see made by Mattel first?

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