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Demanded Characters – Zatanna

Welcome back to another installment of Demanded Characters.  There is a huge buzz about this new line because of the release of Wave One. Most agree that we need more females in this line so let’s look at a female who has taken center stage in the DC universe in the last few years, Zatanna.

It looks like most people would prefer the modern Mr. Terrific, Michael Holt, over the Golden Age Mr. Terrific. 



As a child Zatanna Zatara grew up as the daughter of the famous magician Giovanni Zatara.  She grew up to follow in her father’s foot steps, becoming a famous illusionist.  She was unaware of her true ability to control magic during an investigation into the disappearance of her father.  The case not only unlocked the magic inside her but also introduced her to members of the Justice League.  The reunion of father and daughter was short, Giovanni died to save his daughter’s life.


After discovering her true abilities, Zatanna became an occasional consultant on cases for the Justice League.  She was eventually asked to join the group as a full member, which led to one of the most unforgettable moments in DC history.  Dr. Light found his way onto the Justice League satellite and physically assaulted Sue Dibney, wife of Elongated Man Ralph Dibney.  Dr. Light was captured and the members of the League asked Zatanna to wipe his mind and change his personality, so that this would never happen again.  The one voice of dissent was Batman, who was turned on by the League, and mind wiped himself.  It was later discovered that Dr. Light and Batman were not the only minds Zatanna changed, and in the events of Identity Crisis most of the villain’s minds that were changed were reverted. 

Zatanna left the League after the events though she is still considered a reserve member.  With all the changes in the DCU in the past few years Zatanna has been on the front line fighting against the changing magical world of the DCU.  She has started repairing her relationship with Batman and has been a reoccurring character in Catwoman. 

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