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Demanded Characters – Hawkman

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  This week the spotlight is on a character that seems to keep getting a reboot.  This winged hero has been restarted just as much as Aquaman, of course I’m talking about Hawkman.

It looks like most fans here on Fwoosh want a green-skinned Ivy, though the normal skinned option was a very close second. 


Hawkman is one of the most recognized characters of the DC universe even with all the different looks he has had over the years.  The history of Hawkman starts in Ancient Egypt.  A Thanagarian spaceship crashed near the kingdom ruled by Price Khufu and his live Chay-ara.  After investigating the wreckage the two were exposed to Nth Metal which forever changed their lives.  They were killed shortly after by Hath-Set, a sorcerer, but their death was only the start of their lives.  Their exposure to the alien technology started a cycle of reincarnation.  The two lovers found themselves in various time periods ranging from the Middle Ages, the Old West and our 20th century.  

In the 1940’s Hawkman found his most famous alter ego, Carter Hall.  Hall was an archeologist who found the ancient Nth metal and recalled pieces of his past life.  Hall joined the Justice Society of America and the All Star Squadron.  Though out his time he also joined the Justice League of America and became one of the premiere heroes in the DCU.  On thing which always followed Hawkman was change and through time his costume changed about as much as his Monthly comic.  During the Zero Hour Crisis both Carter and his love merged with a Thanagarian Police officer Katar Hol who took up the mantel of Hawkman.  After the merger Sheria died and Carter fought to free himself.  In doing so Katar was killed, but Carter was once again resurrected.  During this rebirth, he retrieved the remaining memories of his past lives , and Carter sought his love.  Carter found a new Hawkgirl and tried to get her to remember her past life but had a hard time at this task.   The two teamed up to protect the city of St. Roch, and continued to hold memberships in both the JSA and the JLA.

The big question: which versions of Hawkman do you want to see?  While I usually list here all the choices I wanted to be as complete as possible so to see the list of over 20 versions of Hawkman go to the discussion thread. 

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