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Demanded Characters – Poison Ivy

Welcome back to another installment of Demanded Characters.  This week we will take a look at a female villain who has yet to see the light in the DC line and must be made.  Let’s see what the green skinned girl from Gotham has to offer as a figure.  Come and take a look at Poison Ivy.

Last week the 70’s afro was not strong enough to beat the smooth bald head of the modern Black Lightning. 

Pamela Isley was a shy science assistant to Dr. Jason Woodrue. Pamela would be seduced by Woodrue to be part of some of his experiments.   Dr. Woodrue would take advantage of the young shy assistant, turning her into a plant hybrid like him.  While he was looking to make an equal what he actually did was create something greater.  Pamela would turn from a dull wall flower to a stunning rose.  During her transformation her skin would turn from ivory to a green because of the chlorophyll in her blood.  Covering herself in flora and ivy Pamela would take the name Poison Ivy to fight against those who would hurt the environment. 

Wanting to grow Pamela took roots in Gotham City, a dark city, hoping to bring some color to it.  Her powers were developing and she would learn to master control of plants, emit a pheromone which attracted males, and natural toxins which she would use to kill her victims.  While she would commit minor crimes her true motivation was to be the champion of plants, fighting chemical companies and other industries that destroyed the environment. 

While in Gotham she would join forces with various villains in Batman’s rogue’s gallery.  She would stand out as a deadly A list foe who would return time and time again to challenge the Dark Knight.  During her long career she has been both a villain and an ally.  During No Man’s Land, the earth quake which destroyed Gotham, she protected Robinson Park, keeping both it and those children who were lost in the natural disaster safe from the warring factions in the city.  During the rebuilding of the city Ivy was forced to give up control of the park when she realizes her toxins are doing more harm then good to those under her protection.  Ivy can be both a ruthless and sympathetic villain and most recently died and came back to life.  She now continues on the side of villains currently part of the Injustice Gang. 

So how should we get Pamela: as an ivory skinned baddie, a green skinned flower child, wrapped up in her own plants or a more animated inspired version? 

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