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Make My Marvel! – Grim Reaper

As Halloween comes to a close, so goes all-villains month at MMM!  We’re wrapping things up with the reason for the season, the man himself, the Grim Reaper.

Make My Marvel! – Grim Reaper

Eric Williams, brother of Simon Williams, aka Wonderman of the Avengers, was the product of an abusive childhood.  Eric’s father was physically abusive and neglectful at the same time, while his mother claimed to be "too weak" to control him.  Like any good parent, she pawned of responsibility for her youngest son onto her oldest, telling Simon that if his brother did anything wrong that it would be his fault.

With parenting skills like that, it’s tough to feel sympathy for those two when they and the house they lived in blew up in a chemical explosion caused by Eric.  The two brothers went their separate ways, with Eric inevitably turning to a life of crime with the Vegas Maggia.  When Wonderman later died saving the Avengers, Eric swore revenge on the superteam and became the Grim Reaper.

Reaper faught the Avengers several times before learning that the android Vision contained the brain patterns of his deceased brother.  He attempted several times to convince Vision to join him in his revenge, but the android refused.  Once Wonderman was revived, Grim Reaper’s criminal career from that point on would best be described as "irritating."  He pestered Vision, Wonderman, and Scarlet Witch for some time before ending up dead, impaled on a stalagmite.

Of course, the Grim Reaper would be brought back from the dead.  Originally only able to use his mechanized scythe in creative ways, Reaper had now gained supernatural abilities, including but not limited to re-animation, teleportation, and illusion.  Reaper was last seen having escapted from the Raft.  Maybe the "Sponge" would be a more approriate name for a prison with so many holes, figuratively speaking.

How to make it: If we’re going with the classic, most well-known look for Grim Reaper, then just about any standard HasbroML or ToyBizML male body, preferably the Bullseye or new HFF Silver Surfer, would work as a base.  From there, all that’s needed would be a scythe right forearm, unique headsculpt, and cape.  This one is an easy, safe choice for Hasbro to make.

Which version of Grim Reaper would you most like made for Marvel Legends?

A. First Appearance

B. Classic/Modern

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