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Make My Marvel! – Starlord

Sure, I could just sum this one up with “Starlord: his life sucks, but now he’s cool and wears a badass costume.”  But, I’d rather take up valuable bandwidth with minutae.  Otherwise, the terrorists win.  Enjoy!

Last week’s poll re-cap:  With 73% of the vote, you chose Modern Grim Reaper as the version of the classic Avengers’ villain you most want made for Marvel Legends.

Make My Marvel! – Starlord

If you want to find the comic character with the lousiest life story, then you need look no further than Peter Quill.  Immediately following his birth, Peter was almost hacked to death by his father with an axe.  Unfortunately, Peter looked nothing like papa, who accused his wife of infidelity.  Luckilly for Pete, his old man had a bum ticker and died of a heart attack before he could commence to infant choppin’.  During his early teens, Peter became obsessed with finding alien life on earth.  He brought his mother to the sight of an actual alien spaceship landing.  E.T. they were not.  They killed Peter’s mother, making him swear revenge against the alien species.  This motivation is what drove Pete to enter the space program.

Despite his best efforts, Peter’s understandably crap attitude kept him from succeeding very far as an astronaut.  When an alien race contacted earth, wanting to bestow great powers on a worthy candidate, Pete jumped at the chance.  He incapacitated the space program’s chosen candidate and took the powers for himself.  As Starlord, Peter was given an elemental gun and a sentient ship.  He immediately used his newfound abilities to wipe out the race of aliens that had killed his mother.  This turned out to be an illusion, but it helped Peter deal with his anger and grief.

Peter soon discovered that the aliens who had gifted him with his powers had been specifically looking for him.  Not catching a break, it turned out that Peter’s father had been right about his mother being a skank.  Peter had been the result of his mother’s tryst with an alien who wiped her memory afterwards.  The Starlord mantle had been passed on to Peter from his alien father.  Peter was finally able to reconcile his quest for vengeance when he murdered his alien uncle, the one who’d been responsible for his mother’s murder.

A later adventure saw Starlord sacrificing the life energies of a populated world, along with his living ship, to stop the Fallen One, a rogue herald of Galactus.  Following this, both Starlord and the Fallen One became prisoners of the space prison, the Kyln.  Peter was freed during the events of Annihilation and joined the United Front in opposing Annhilus’ forces.  Following the end of hostillities, Starlord joined the Kree government.  Peter’s crummy luck struck again, when the Phalanx used the security network he’d helped establish to quickly conquer the Kree.  Following a narrow escape, Peter helped put together and lead a small group of Kree prisoners-turned misfit commandos against the Phalanx.

How to make it: Starlord would need to be an almost entirely new sculpt.  The accessories included would depend upon which version of the character were to be made.  The classic would need his element gun and possibly a rapier.  The modern version would need a pair of machine guns.  A removable helmet wouldn’t hurt either.  Ideally, Star Lord would be part of the Build-A-Groot wave.  It’s a sure thing, I tell you!

What flavor of Starlord would you prefer?

A. First Appearance/Classic

B. Conquest/Modern

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