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Make My Marvel! – Grey Gargoyle

Aside from being French, this week’s villainous Marvel is also pretty frightening for his naughty palms.  All-villains, all-Halloween month continues at MMM! with The Grey Gargoyle.

Make My Marvel! – Grey Gargoyle

Paul Pierre Duval was a French chemist, bitter about his station in
life, when an unintended chemical reaction gifted Paul with the
abillity to turn both himself and others (for a brief time) to stone. 
Not a particularly moral individual to begin with, Paul, calling
himself the Grey Gargoyle, turned to a life of mercenary crime.

Not satisfied with just his own newfound abillities, the Grey Gargoyle became obsessed with gaining immortality via Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.  He fought the God of Thunder, as well as several other individual Avengers, before winding up in deep space.  Gargoyle became the captain of an alien starship for a time until his crew mutinied and GG was forced to make his way back to Earth.


Since then, the Grey Gargoyle has gone up against numerous heroes, including She-Hulk, Spider-man, Captain America, and the new New Warriors.  He also seems to have spent the majority of his time vetting prisons, including such four star establishments as the Raft and Hank Pym’s miniaturized super-villain penitentiary.


To do a Marvel Legends Gargoyle justice, he’d need to be an all-new sculpt with a pitted, stony exterior.  He’d need his cape as an accessory and, just for kicks, Hasbro could throw in a Wasp or Ant-man minifigure painted to look like stone.

Once again, no poll this week as the Gargoyle has had no costume variations.  Next week is the final installment of our villains them month, which now I’m thinking should have been called "Heinous Halloween" or "Halloween Hoodlums".  Either way, be back here next week for the final big bad of the season of the witch.

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