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Make My Marvel! – Calypso

It’s all evil-doers this month at MMM! in honor of Halloween.  Any good Halloween bash needs a sexy witch and this week’s Marvel Legends "want" aims to please.  Let’s tally me banana with Calypso!

Last week’s poll re-cap: With an astonishing 84%, you chose Quasimodo as the character you want made most next for Marvel Legends.  Maggott took in a respectable 13%, while an all-new, non-fugly Scarlet Witch got a mere 3% of the vote.

Make My Marvel! – Calypso

Calypso Ezili was the voodoo priestess consort of famous-mostly-for-dying Spider-man villain Kraven the Hunter.  While Kraven was fixated on killing Spider-man, Calypso was usually in the background, egging him on.  She seemed to derive some sadistic pleasure in torturing her lover.  When Kraven met his end, Calypso vowed revenge on the webhead.

Though Isaac Mizrahi deemed her new look "whorish", and Britney Spears called it "family reunion formal at it’s finest", Calypso donned her late paramour’s shirt and put her plan into action.  She took control of the Lizard and unleashed him on Spider-man.  The climax of their battle resulted in the destruction of an abandoned church and the physical death of Calypso.

Again, that was the physical death of Calypso.  Her spirit returned several more times to torment Spider-man, again using the Lizard as well as the Zombie.  Thus far, Spidey has defeated her at every turn.

Calypso would more than likely need to be an all-new sculpt.  Liberties would probably have to be taken with the top of the costume to tone down the cleavage.  On the plus side, much of the sculpt might be re-useable towards a Shanna, the She-Devil figure.  That means you could get that look of disgust from the cute checkout girl at Target TWICE!

Calypso’s costume changes have been minor, so, again, no costume poll this week.

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