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Make My Marvel! – Terrax, the Tamer

It’s October, so Make My Marvel! has become a wretched hive of scum and villainy – even more so than usual!  Let’s keep the treachery train rolling with Terrax, the Tamer!  In keeping with the evil theme, I’m typing this intro on keyboard made entirely of baby seal eyes.  Squishy!

Last week’s poll re-cap: With 63% of the vote you chose Classic Wrecker as the version of the character you’d most like made for Marvel Legends.  The only-slightly-different Modern Wrecker came in second with 24%.  Enthusiasm was high for this poll and there was a big push for the entire Wrecking Crew to be made.  A boxed-set with a random high-profile hero thrown in for good measure is probably the way to go in that case. The demand Wrecker and the entire Wrecking Crew is there, Hasbro.  Make it happen!


Make My Marvel! – Terrax the Tamer

Originally the brutal dictator of an alien world, Tyros came to the attention of Galactus when the world-devourer was attempting to fill his herald position.  Despite the high turnover and complete lack of a dental plan, Tyros became "Terrax, the Tamer."  Terrax quickly turned on Galactus, who was eventually able to defeat the traitorous herald with the help of the Fantastic Four.  Terrax was stripped of his cosmic powers. 


Terrax regained some of his power with the help of Dr. Doom, but was soon destroyed by the Silver Surfer.  His later reincarnation led to the demolition of a good portion of Queens, New York and the initial formation of the New Warriors, those baby-killers!  Terrax went on to tangle with Thanos and the Sentry before choosing a life of exile.  Despite that, Terrax found himself caught up in the events of Annihilation when he was taken over by Annihilus’ parasites.  When the war ended, Terrax departed for parts unknown.

The official Marvel Handbook puts Terrax at a mere 6’6", likely taking him out of the running for BAF-hood.  The only accessory he’d require is his battle axe.


Terrax has had just the one costume during his existance, so no costume poll this week.  Also, since it’s October, MMM! will be spotlighting villains all month long.  So, don’t forget to keep that in mind when posting your suggestions in the commentary thread. 

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