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Demanded Characters: Green Arrow

Welcome back to another installment of Demanded Characters.  This week we focus in on the newly wed emerald archer, Oliver Queen.

Just a recap from last week, it looks like everyone wants to see Edward Nygma in a business suit.



Oliver Queen grew up a spoiled rich kid.  He would develop a gift for accuracy with a bow and arrow and gain a love for the Middle Age tale of Robin Hood.  Queen would grow up and be a millionaire playboy with a sense of right and wrong always trying to make the environment better and fighting against the political fat cats.  Ollie’s playboy life would also lead him to being betrayed by one of his own and left for dead on a deserted island.  There Oliver would find himself alone in the wild, and struggling to stay alive.  Over time he would turn his hobby into his survival, honing his bow skills and finding a way off the island. 

When he returned to civilization he would put his skills to use becoming the Green Arrow. Using his fortune to finance his life fighting politicians during the day and the crooks at night Oliver would find his place in the world.  Though he would fight for good he would retain his playboy ways, dating as many women as he could.  He also befriended the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.  They, along with the Black Canary, would become the hard traveling heroes of the 70’s and 80’s.

Over time Ollie would go thought may trials which would lead him to his death in a plane crash.  He would later be helped back to life by his old pal Hal Jordan.  When he returned he was a mess and had to take time to return to the hero of the past.  He would eventually turn into the thing he fought so long against, a politician.  After One Year Later, where Ollie and his sidekicks would train, he returned once again to Star City from a deserted island and won the mayoral election.  He would later resign and finally pop the question to his long time on again, off again girlfriend Dinah Lance, the Black Canary.  Yes the womanizer of the DC universe would finally settle down and become a husband… or would he?  

Now the question:

Do you want a 1st Appearance, Modern Ollie, Long Bowman Ollie, or Mayor Oliver Queen? 

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