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Demanded Characters – 4th World

Welcome back to another installment of Demanded Characters.  In our first article we took a look at Nightwing and in the second Hal and Sinestro and they are in the new wave announced by Mattel.  Let’s hope this trend continues.  This week we will take a look at the Darkseid’s supporting cast. 

Just an update: last week we saw the “Classic” Oliver Queen win out on our poll, so Mattel please make him soon. 

This week as we get ready for the upcoming launch of the new DC Classics line, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at what most of us consider being the defining DC line, Super Powers.  This line for most was the line which we compare most current DC lines to.  While some would say the comparison of JLU to Super Powers is obvious I think it’s really just because of figure size, not quality.  The new Classics line is looking to set the new standard for DC action figures.  While we have heard that some in charge want to make sure the figures from Super Powers get into the line, the figures really speak for themselves to make the comparisons.  The Orion and Penguin in wave one and Firestorm and Aquaman in wave two really start to show the ability of this line to stack up against Super Powers.  I thought I would start us off knowing that we may see more figures from the 4th world as support for both Orion and Darkseid. So this week, instead of a poll, I want to discuss who else from the Super Powers line do we need to see. 

Mr. Miracle – Scott Free, the son of Highfather, was given to Darkseid as part of a deal to keep the peace between the warring worlds of Apokalips and New Genesis.  Scott grew up under the care of Granny Goodness who would spend time torturing the young man.  Free would develop the ability to escape almost any trap he was put in.  He would eventually escape and come to Earth where he became a circus performer, using his escapes to dazzle crowds.  Scott would be followed to Earth by Big Barda, who would later become his wife.  The pair would be part of the Justice League on multiple occasions.

Steppenwolf – The uncle to Darkseid and leader of the Darkseid Elite, Steppenwolf is a ruthless warrior.  When Steppenwolf died, Darkseid resurrected him making him an important part of his supporters. 

Mantis – The powerful being who came from New Genesis was granted power by Darkseid to store and redirect energy.  He was able to both store power before a battle and use energy used against him by an enemy.  He has spent time as both a loyal follower of Darkseid and an enemy. 


Parademon – These troops of Darkseid are the storm troopers of the DCU.  They follow the bidding of the leader and don’t really question anything.  Though they have in the past been pretty void of individuality, 2 have popped up to show they are individuals on some level.  Mike the Parademon fought the Green Lantern and Batman; he was left and forgotten on Earth by his leader.  There was also the Parademon of the Six who was presumed a rogue and no one knew he had left his home.  He died laughing, and now may be stuffed and be an ornament in the home of his friend Ragdoll. 

Desaad – This right hand of Darkseid was a lackey of the ruler of Apokolips.  Desaad is the resident torturer of the Apokolips, who is always ready to serve his master.  While his life seems to be devoted to his leader, at times if the plan will allow him to be on the winning side he will switch sides, even if it means opposing his master.  He has been killed and the resurrected by Darkseid, along with many other members of Darkseid’s followers.

Kalibak – The first son of Darkseid, and a great warrior, whose power and savagery grew while his brother Orion was part of the trade which kept the peace between the 2 warring worlds.  When Scott Free escaped, Kalibak came to his father’s side acting as his first in command, but never lived up to Orion.  Most of his battles have been against his half brother Orion. 

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