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Demanded Characters – Fire

Welcome back to another addition of Demanded Characters.  This week we got to see the results of the top ten poll for our DC Classics line, which gave this column tons of information to work from. 

Instead of going for the top or the bottom I thought I would start somewhere in the middle.  With 52 being a magic number in DC comics I thought I would pick one of our numbers 52’s, Beatriz DaCosta, Fire.

A Brazilian native, Beatriz DaCosta would grow up and become a spy for the Brazilian Secret Service, Espiaos Nacionales.  While on a mission to track some experimental pyroplasm, Bea was exposed to the chemical and transformed.  Bea would find out that she was able to produce fire from her mouth, and would become the superhero Green Fury.  Under this name she joined the group the Global Guardians. 

After leaving the team she would join the Justice League and other branches of the group, and she would meet her close friend Tara Olafsdotter, Ice.  Bea would change her name to Fire; the duo would be a force in the hero world.  After being part of various Justice League teams and following the death of Ice, Bea would leave the hero life.  Ms. DaCosta would start up her own risqué website which would make her a great deal of money before she would be brought back in the to hero business.  Joining Max Lord’s Super Buddies, she would be the hot head of the group.  Through time she would have other professions including swimsuit model and showgirl.  After the change in leadership in the Checkmate organization Bea would be brought back to the spy game.  She would start out as the Black Knight, and change roles and sides multiple times. 

So now the question is put to you: how do you want this character made?  Do you want an on-fire Bea, an 80’s rock type, as a checkmate agent, superspandex fire, or as a two pack with Ice?

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