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Best of 2022: MAFEX Symbiote Spider-Man

This is the ninth time I’ve written about my favorite figure for The Fwoosh and the third time I've picked a Spider-Man figure.
Spider-Man shooting a web
Spider-Man shooting a web

This is the ninth year I’ve written about my favorite figure for The Fwoosh. It also happens to be the third time I’ve picked a Spider-Man figure. The TSI/Spider-Man connection is encroaching on Dan Larson/Boba Fett and Robo/Black Krrsantan territory.

Up until the last week of December, I thought the 1000toys Halo Infinite Master Chief was my figure of the year. It’s the first Master Chief figure that isn’t held back by articulation, engineering, sculpting, or a combination of the three. It stands out on a shelf and poses well, yet I’m coming back to a classic comic book character in an iconic costume. I guess we can’t help but be our truest selves.

Symbiote Spidey doesn’t have a natural place in my display. In fact, as of now, this Spider-Man figure is the only duplicate character in my collection. Without a true spot in my main display, he’s web-slinging his way across my desk. It’s a great place for him because it’s a reminder of why I started collecting in the first place.

For a long time, I’ve been collecting to build my perfect X-Men team, but before that, it was about getting tangible, 3D versions of my favorite characters and costumes. As good as Master Chief is and as much as I love Halo, I keep returning to Spider-Man in this costume. The black costume is probably my single favorite look in comic history.

MAFEX has been my go-to toy line since their original Spider-Man came out in 2019. They’ve delivered several near-perfect renditions of comic-book titans. Add in the likes of Gambit, Catwoman, and the T-800, and they’ve really got my number. 

Maybe next year my figure of the year will finally break free of comics and superhero-dom. Maybe it won’t be a beloved character in a seminal costume. But looking at my pre-orders for 2023, my taste, and my picks over the last nine years, something tells me it might be.

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