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NECA: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Signature Edition Shredder, Foot Ninja, and Renet First Look

Here we are back on #TurtleTuesday and we are seemingly never without a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles topic to discuss. Today, we are taking a look at some new/old favorites from NECA’s TMNT Mirage Comics collection that they are bringing back as all-new “Signature Editions.”

At any given moment, NECA is bringing us TMNT action figures based on their cartoon, movie, video game, music tour, Monster mash-up, and a number of their comic incarnations. That is such a varied and all-encompassing slate that I still have trouble believing it, even as we are in the thick of it. It is difficult to pick a favorite line/source for me because I love just about everything TMNT so much, but right now, my heart seems to be with the comic figures.

After being away for a bit, these styles have come back with a vengeance, featuring figures based on all of the major comic turns, including Mirage, Archie, and IDW. These new “Signature Edition” figures that are being released in an exclusive partnership with Wal-Mart a new repaints of familiar figures. I will get to the actual release methodology in a bit, but for right now, let’s check out Shredder, the Foot Ninja, and Renet.


Ah, Mirage Shredder. While this is the third release of this particular figure in the line, all have been brought out under the mantle of exclusivity. With new Mirage Turtles coming soon, I would guess that a new and different Shredder might be on-tap eventually, but the base figure for this release is a very nice one, and it goes all the way back to the original NECA Turtles figures when the Four Horsemen were handling the sculpting duties.

Originally offered in the “standard” colors in a New York Comic Con boxset, then again in a blue deco for LootCrate, this Shredder now features a black and white deco that matches the black and white Mirage Turtles from so long ago. This (and the Foot Ninja) are pretty exciting releases for those of us who have those old B&W Turtles, and there is just something about having these characters in their original pulpy looks. That unique “sketch” paint deco works to really nice effect, and it is a great celebration of the original Eastman and Laird offerings from the early 1980s.

Now, it makes me wonder if, since the black and white Turtles have gotten kind of rare (and REALLY expensive) on the secondary market, that the new Mirage Turtle figures might be due for an eventual repaint to go along with this figure. It would make sense, and I must admit that NECA pretty much has me ready to double dip with any of these Mirage figures they want offer in this look. So, if you don’t have originals, new versions seem likely to be the horizon.

This figure feature the same swappable hands and accessories (including a bow, arrow, and scythe weapon) as the previous LootCrate figure, so if you have that, you pretty much know what to expect. I haver the original Shredder displayed with a sword, the LC version with the bow, so I am glad there is a variety of weapons to allow for this one to have something different for the shelf.


Much like Shredder, this release revives a previous NYCC boxset figure and gives it new life and a black and white Signature Edition. The difference is that this the first time the Ninja has been re-offered, not having had a previous LootCrate version. Again, if you have the boxset, you know what to expect, but this figure is built on much of the Shredder base. That works now, just as it did then, and due to the different accessories and swappable parts from that set, you actually get several different display options.

The black and white sketch deco continues with this figure, and for the most part, it is successful. Both the heads (regular and bandana version) are devoid of any of the black “sketch lines” though, and I can’t help but wonder what they would have looked like with a bit of that. Not that either of them look bad, they obviously don’t but with pretty heavy use on all the other pieces, it is interesting it was left off here.

Aside from the swappable heads, this figure also includes swappable fists, two swords, a knife, a throwing star, and a chained bladed weapon. So, if you were (somehow) able to order multiples of this figure, a diverse line-up can come together pretty quickly.


The final figure in this initial Signature assortment is Renet, this time re-decoed in her original Mirage colors of blue and white. Now, this same figure in her IDW re-colored red outfit just recently shipped to comic shop, so this blue visage follows along pretty quickly, at least compared to the time between the Shredders and Ninjas. Having both the red and the blue figures in-hand, I am met with a quandary I wasn’t expecting, as I am not sure which one I like better. I thought the blue would be the easy choice, but that red looks so good, too, it is difficult to tell. At least there are going to be multiple versions of the Turtles so both can be displayed.

Now, aside from the new paint scheme, this Renet figure is exactly the same as the regular release we covered just a bit ago. That means everything from the swappable heads, to soft goods wire-lined cape, to Lord Lord Simultaneous are included here. Aside from the cowled head, helmet, cape, and down cowl piece, the paint scheme is the same on the rest of the accessories.

The trick with this release is that, despite both the red and blue versions looking great, it seems as the though the consensus choice in terms of the preferred version falls with the original blue look. Having that be exclusive to this new release outlet has certainly ruffled some features, and I understand why. The Shredder and Foot Ninja don’t come off as quite as essential as the blue Renet, so this figure is already highly demanded, and I know not everyone was able to secure one when they went on-sale. I REALLY hope that more a made available and everyone who wants one will be able to get her. That needs to definitely be the case going forward because it looks like Casey Jones in his red outfit is coming via this avenue soon, and he will most certainly be demanded.

That brings me to the last piece here: the new NECA and Wal-Mart “AutoT” collaboration. I have to be honest when I say, I don’t completely understand all of the details yet, at least when it comes to actually receiving the figures. I placed an order, and I *think* I followed all of the steps correctly, but I am still not sure how to properly track the shipment since I choose the actually shipping option.

I am absolutely NOT an NFT person. At All. However, I think there has been some initial misunderstanding with how these are being handled. If, and I mean IF, I did everything correctly, I think I ordered from Wal-Mart, used the claim code at the AutoT Vault site and chose to have the figures shipped to me. If they arrive as usual, then the whole NFT thing is avoided and I don’t have to worry about that.

To borrow a line from Robo, “at the end of the day” I just want to get my figures. I understand companies making use of different outlets to release products, so that is something that is never going to change. I will say that if the shipments start to come in and things work as the individual purchaser intended, then this will probably not be a big deal. I ALWAYS want for everyone who wants a particular figure to be able to get it, and it seems as though stock for these keeps going in and out on the WM site, so if they can get that balanced, it should work out. Time will, and I know many, many people are watching. Hopefully it will function as intended (I admittedly have not looked at the vault function or trading aspect) and people can get their cool TMNT figures. Because they continue to be just that: cool.

*Thanks to NECA for sending these figures along for a First Look