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NECA: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Ultimate E.T.

Turn on your heartlight. Let it shine wherever you go. Let it make a happy glow for all the world to see. Turn on your heartlight and let’s take a look at the new 40th Anniversary Deluxe Ultimate E.T. figure from NECA!

The box is quite nice here with a glossy finish and some lovely illustrations and photos. Like with most of NECA’s ultimate style figures, there is a flap that reveals the figure in a large window and another nice figure photo.

The set comes with an E.T. figure, the “phone home” device, the potted plant, and three sets of hands (two open, two plant gripping, one grip hand, and one glowing pointy hand).

The device is the mother of all E.T. accessories and includes a large umbrella with a metal rod that attaches to the coffee can piece which is attached to the record player by a long plastic wire. The record player attaches to the speak and spell part which is also attached to the walkie-talkie and the battery. It’s all one piece once you attach the unbrella handle to the rest of the umbrella and it has a ton of great little detail. I especially like how much little paint and sculpting detail there is on the speak and spell, even going to far as to put a little chip board on the open back.

The circular grip hand seems designed to hold a beer, but it works holding the pieces of the device. The glowing finger is accomplished with a white paint application to the tip of the finger that fades to a yellow.

The flower pot is also very detailed in terms of paint and sculpting with individual leaves sculpted and a few different greens to add depth. E.T. has hands that are designed to wrap around this pot.

The scupting on E.T. himself has got tons of wrinkly texture and the face captures E.T.’s benevolent character really well. You can make out the outline of where the chest is different material for the light up feature and of course the battery section and switch on his lower back. Articulation works well with ball and socket head, lower neck, and feet and swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, and wrists. The poseability on the neck is especially excellent.

The light up feature glows strongly, though I do wish it diffused a little more subtly at the edge of the effect as there is a bit more of a hard line where the glow ends because of the two different materials used. The color match on the chest is remarkably good for the glowing part and the paint does a good job of bringing out that sculptural detail with a drybrush on the whole body and a wash around the face.

Overall this a great representation of E.T. in plastic form. The glow feature is neat and I love the detail packed into the accessory. The figure feels very solidly constructed with smooth joints and easily swapped hands and looking at him makes me want to go watch the movie.

Thanks again to NECA for sending this along for review.