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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Fan Channel Black Costume Storm Review

At this point the whole Jim Lee Storm costume color debate is stale, and it doesn’t really matter.

Unless you just can’t stand for people to think something different than you, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Too bad, so sad.

The clash is basically this: People can’t agree whether Storm’s costume during that era is a shiny black, a bright white with heavy shadow, or a silver that just reflects everything. Different artists and inkers can’t even decide. Hell, the SAME artists can’t make up their minds issue to issue.

But Hasbro has brought peace, releasing Ororo in both black and white, and we can all live in harmony and never argue about anything ever again. It’s a new golden age of collecting!

Shit, forgot about silver, take cover!

Me? I always thought it was a shiny black that reflected a lot of light. That belief is also skewed by the fact that I never got into the animated series, where her gear was definitely white, so I have no nostalgia for that look. But somehow I still want that version of Morph? This hobby is funny that way.

This review is short and sweet because this figure is just a costume color swap. It has a few loose joints and when I got to editing the pics I noticed the weird mark on the face, but in-person it’s not as noticeable. At least not to these old eyes. I’m completely happy to have my version, and to complete a team we’ve been building for a while now.