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Bandai S.H. Figuarts Thor Ragnarok Thor and Hulk

This is gonna be quick and dirty, Robokillah’s already covered Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts Thor Ragnarok Hulk and I’m few on words for Thor. Both figures are recent releases and if you haven’t blown a small fortune on them you should.


Hulk – Love this figure, super huge, great design, beautiful sculpt tons of articulation. The accessories are ok, straight out of the movie, but yeah. The extra hands specifically the hand (your choice) holding the hammer isn’t strong enough to hold the hammer. The face sculpts are beautiful, but the paint on the teeth isn’t great, very gummy. The eyes are all over the place and could benefit from a Robokillah once over.

Thor is a good figure, for the most part. I do like this figure but there are some minor things that keep me from loving. The right leg bend inward towards the center line of the body, I can’t figure out why. The right shin guard fits weirdly. The arms could use some more “beef”, they are really bland and don’t show off the Thor muscles very well. That’s kinda all the bad.

The good on this figure is really good. The sculpt on Thor is simply perfect, all the details really pop on this figure. The head sculpt is amazing and probably the best part of this figure. It looks like Chris Hemsworth! For those of you wondering, there is not a fully sculpted head under the helmet, with some warm water or warm air you should be able to remove the helmet with ease (the head not the helmet softens). The hair is missing and advanced customisers could probably slap some hair on the head with ease.

For those of you wondering, “can I put Ragnarok Thor’s head on Avengers Age of Ultron Thor” the answer is no. Yes the head scales well but the neck on Avengers Age of Ultron Thor is skinny, but the real problem is that the ball joint ball on Avengers Age of Ultron is not big enough to to fit Thor Ragnarok’s Thor socket. And experienced customer will figure this out, I’m certain.

The accessories are limited, but the extra swords are sweet.

All in all I like both of these figures, they are solid entries from Bandai and definitely worth the purchase. You can get them here:

BigBadToyStore Hulk

BigBadToyStore Thor

DorkSideToys Hulk

DorkSideToys Thor

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