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Hasbro: SDCC Exclusive Marvel Legends Netflix Defenders Set

The Hollywood Reporter Jumped the gun. They went and tweeted a PR shot of the upcoming 2018 SDCC Marvel Legends Exclusive.  Of course, they realized the error of their ways, and deleted the tweet.  So we now present that same image to you in all its illicit glory.

Red Horns, Drunk Detective, Marvel’s “Steel”, X-“Wing”, I am the Immortal Iron….


Is the the must have item of Comic-Con for you?  Probably not.  Is this exactly the type of set to make you just mad enough that you already invested in half these characters, and another is about to come out in a two-pack with a different color shirt? Yes, this is exactly that.  With the Hasbro Star Wars team having three exclusives for their line, will there be another Marvel Legends set this year?  I can already hear a lot of you screaming yes.

So with all the Netflix Marvel attention, where is Kingpin Wilson Fisk?

Now Robo would usually be the one to post all the cool upcoming info about the newest toys leaking through the sieve of the Hasbro Information Fortress™ but he decided he needed to go on a vacation.