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Hasbro: G.I. Joe Classified Series Retro Scarlett Review

Say goodbye, other Scarletts, because the one true Scarlett is here.

I was pretty much ready for a redo as soon as pictures of the very first Classified Scarlett hit. I couldn’t find much to enjoy about that interpretation. I even bought the repainted version, but it was a hollow purchase. I bought the Snake Eyes movie version because it had far less stuff going on, but I was still unfulfilled.

Yeah, that’s right, I bought all three Scarletts, even though none of them really did it for me. I am that guy. Full, card-carrying nitwit.

But now, here, finally, I have a Scarlett I am proud to put alongside the rest of my Classified Joes: original 13 looking red head adult non-teenaged appearing random color free retro vintage classic whatever other synonym Scarlett.

Thankfully, vintage faithfulness aside, the figure is a great one. She’s very well-articulated, with great, working, unstuck hips, double-jointed elbows and torso articulation that has a mostly nice range. She could use a little more forward crunch between the upper and lower ball joints, but it’s adequate.

I think the area that could be most improved is the ball joint on the neck. It has some range, but I think the ball joint could be implemented to give a wider range.

Over the years I’ve read surprising dissent against this particular uniform, but I think the sculptwork does a great job at getting across that this is a uniform befitting an agile and deadly operative If the Black Widow can kick ass on the big screen in skintight clothes then so can Scarlett.

I vastly prefer the head on this Scarlett to the previous Classified ones. I think if I could change anything it would be to make the hair a little less flat to the sides of her head. It feels slightly too plastered, where my mental image is a little more breathing room for the hair. But that is an extreme nitpick.

There are two choices for her ponytail. You have a standard dangle, and then one that is sculpted to allow for the backpack. The backpack has two pegs for mounting both of her rifles. You can get her to hold all of her weapons, but there isn’t technically a place to store all of them. In addition to the two rifles, she also has a pistol, her standard crossbow and a knife. The knife has a sheathe, but there’s no place to put the pistol, which is actually vintage accurate, so I’m fine with it.

The one addition is a side quiver to hold some of her extra crossbow bolts. It works well and I don’t mind it, but luckily it isn’t glued on. It’s pegged in to the belt area, but it could be removed if you want to get her closer to the vintage figure. I haven’t decided which I’ll be doing yet.

The rifle choices are interesting. One is realistic, an M16 with attached scope, and the other is the standard laser rifle they used on the cartoon, for pew pew laser shooting. I like that the laser weapons are being peppered in for fans who want that kind of thing. This same loadout was given to the recent Grunt figure. For me Scarlett will always be going into battle with her Crossbow, but who doesn’t like options?

Finally, she comes with two sets hands: trigger finger hands and fists. I love the inclusion of fists. I wish every figure in the line came with a set of fists in addition to trigger hands.

It took a few years, but this figure soothes the irritation I felt at the previous Scarlett attempts. This is an extremely well-done figure.

2 thoughts on “Hasbro: G.I. Joe Classified Series Retro Scarlett Review

  1. I’m so glad classic Scarlett’s been done so well. Hope we can get a Ninja Force version this good later on.

  2. I didn’t buy the first version of Scarlett simply because I was holding out for this version. And it looks like my patience was well rewarded.

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