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Super 7: New Masters of the Universe Classics – Wave 2 Pre-Order Figures

Woo boy! Super 7 just sent out new images of the updated sculpts and accessories for their Club Grayskull and Collector’s Choice figures, and these babies are looking better and better!

Check out the latest from Super 7, then get your pre-orders in!

via Super 7:

Super7 is excited to announce the next wave of the Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice and Club Grayskull figures! The line of deluxe 7-inch action figures continues with 8 new characters that have once again been sculpted by the inimitable Four Horsemen.

The new Masters of the Universe Classics assortment includes:


Dylamug: The evil robotic Horde Trooper comes with rotating face pieces, Cartoon-style Horde crest, firing Horde Crest, and Toy-style Horde Crest.

Granita: The superhuman heroine of the Rock People arrives with rock pieces and her Refraction Laser at the ready. Updated sculpt and paint to match Classics Rokkon and Stonedar.

Karg: The ghoulish commander of Skeletor’s army comes armed with Crucia – The Dagger of Agony and a Fleshburner Laser Gun.

Wraptrap: The cursed undead creature emerges from the eons with the Khopesh of Kartan and Necrobow.

Man-E-Faces: The redeemed member of the Heroic Warriors comes equipped with a Man-E-Weapons assortment.

Mer-Man: The amphibious servant of Skeletor arrives armed with his Spear of Bakull, Sword of Rakash, and Freeze Ray Gun.

Sorceress: The protector of Eternia and the secrets of Grayskull. Sorceress comes with 2 sets of interchangeable wings (one open and the other closed), an alternate head (Kuduk Ungol), and Zoar with perch.

Tung Lashor: The venomous member of the Evil Horde comes equipped with a Horde Issue Jet Pack, a blaster, and an alternate head with mouth open.

The pre-order for these newest additions to the MOTU lineup is available now at the MOTU Pre-Order Webstore.