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Super 7: ReAction Misfits Fiend

“I remember Halloween. Halloweeeeeeeeeeen, Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen!”

I REALLY wish I had these new Misfits Fiend ReAction figures to share on actual Halloween, but Super7 timed their release perfectly to coincide with the holiday that made the band, so I cannot fault them one bit for that. However, all is well now, and I am really thrilled to have these new figures because they are pretty much a perfect plastic representation of the icon of one of my favorite bands of all time. So come with me where eagles dare and check out the “Midnight Black” and “Crimson Red” Fiends!

I will admit, on paper, the ReAction format is not really my jam. I am too young to have a real nostalgic connection to the format, and since 1:12 scale, detailed sculpting, and extensive articulation are things I generally go for in a figure, ReAction offerings usually fall outside of my wheelhouse. However, sometimes there are properties that fit that style perfectly, or those that I will buy any action figure representation thereof, that they get me to bite. Well, the Misfits just happen to be prime examples of both of those things, so here we are.

I do have to say that I am a big fan of Super7 and their overall approach and philosophy to the products that they make. This is not the first time they have gotten me to plunk cash on their ReAction line, so while it is not my general focus, it is very well done. It seems like Super7 honcho Brian Flynn and I share a lot of common interest when it comes to aesthetics, pop culture properties, and music, so while much of the stuff is not my collecting “norm,” I love the stuff that I do get for that very reason. These figures are really perfect for a Misfits release, and I have friends who are not generally action figure collectors in on getting a set for sure.

Now, there is no drought of Misfits merchandise to be had these days, but I guess the good part about that is it gives more opportunity to get something that I really like, rather than settle for something here and there. NECA has already given me a Fiend in their Mego-inspired line, so that, coupled with my Pop! and this makes for a fun corner of the toy room with a strong legacy of brutality. Plus, since it is just a colorway change, getting the black and crimson versions of the figure was a no-brainer, and I even picked up an extra black just to keep carded because it looks great.

If you are familiar with the ReAction line, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you are getting here: a Fiend with a sculpt, scale, and articulation scheme that feels like it can fit in perfectly with your toys from the late ’70s and early ’80s. The designs are somewhat simplified to focus on the main cues that are important to the character. So, the figure moves at the neck, shoulders, and hips to keep the “feel” to a bygone era, but it still gives you enough movement to pose in a variety of ways. Since the Misfits were at their best during the time frame shared with this style, it is very appropriate.

Speaking of which, since the Misfits really aren’t really a thing to me without the presence of founder and front man Glenn Danzig, I am more drawn to the Midnight Black Fiend because I find it to be more representative of that earlier time. I do like the Crimson Red for sure, but there is something about that classic black that is more pure to me, at least every Misfits t-shirt I have ever owned has been black, but that just might be me. That cast plastic color is really the only difference between the two figures, but the paint on both is very nice and clean, and despite the simple style, the work on the face and hands is well done. Like I said, I believe Super7 accomplished what they set out to do in this format well, and it has created a nice combination of era and retro-chic design that is appropriate for the Misfits.

Hey, don’t be a goddamned son of bitch – go pick these up at the Super7, because if you are a Misfits fan, you will not want to miss them. I have been listening to them all day today and it is nice to have my own little Fiend for my desk, and whether you like red or black or both, the options are there, but probably not for long!