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Fwoosh Toys – NAKED NINJA Campaign

You DEMANDED it and we’re delivering.

January 2nd, 2024 we are starting our NAKED NINJA campaign where we will be selling our “Basic” Ninja style stripped to the basics. We will be selling this NAKED figure for $25.99, and this will only be available through Fwoosh. In this campaign we’ll start with:


  • ninja figure
  • katana and sheath
  • wakazashi and sheath
  • hood up
  • hood down
  • balaclava head
  • zukin head
  • torso strap
  • grip hands
  • chop hands

This figure is being sold AS IS, there are no changes to the molds or designs. UNLESS…

Unless we hit some targets. For this figure to be manufactured and sold AS IS we need to sell


To make things interesting we will include the new articulation featured below when we sell

1000 UNITS

  • New torso with butterfly shoulders and double jointed neck
  • New waist with ball waist and abdomen, and hinged hips
  • New ball wrists and adjusted hands
  • Resized heads

At 1500 units sold we’ll release a NAKED Clan of Crimson Fury Ninja (red).

At 2000 units sold we’ll release a NAKED Clan of Everlasting Sorrow Ninja (white).

At 2500 units sold release a NAKED Clan of Sky’s End Ninja (Fwoosh blue).

And if we go beyond 3000, we’ll release more.

Start by ordering here: