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Mezco: One:12 Collective Justice League Aquaman Tease

Mezco is gearing up for the release of Justice League by announcing that Aquaman will be up for pre-order this Friday! Along with some other news, of course.

We saw Aquaman back at SDCC and what caught my eye was the fact that the figure wasn’t wearing a cloth outfit. Makes sense, the character wears armor.

But with the pre-order date now set in stone, the official promotional images also get teased.

It doesn’t look like much has changed but that’s okay, the figure looked pretty sweet out of the gate.

I seemed to have missed it but Mezco also announced they will be making One:12 Collective figures for Tactical Suit Batman and Flash from Justice League. Hopefully we’ll see those soon.

To veer over to that other comic tv/movie franchise for a sec, Mezco also said they are developing a One:12 for the Netflix Punisher series. Here’s the Netflix Daredevil that has already been revealed.

They make a point to say that the new figure will be based on Punisher’s appearance in his own series, not from his origin story from Daredevil season two. Should be very interesting, and like the above, I hope we see it soon. The reveal, pre-order, AND release. I’m in love with the line but I need them more often!