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Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Justice League Superman and Flash Promotional Images and Pre-order Info

We’ve seen these teased at shows but it’s always good to get promotional images of the final product, even if the they are exclusive. Here’s the Bandai S.H. Figuarts Justice League Superman and Flash!

First up, Superman:

I’m really liking this. In fact, I’m liking it so much that I’m kind of regretting passing on Batman. And Wonder Woman. If you have heard any of my rambling you know that I’m excited yet cautious for the Justice League movie. That doesn’t have much to do with good looking toys, I’ve bought better toys for worse movies, but I think it’s the fact there is seven main characters. If I get one I’ll need the rest. You know? But this isn’t about what I’m going to do, this is about new toys.

Superman’s cape looks to have wires in it.

Accessories include a couple of sets of hands and an extra head. That’s where I veer a little bit.

The description says it’s his heat vision using head, but I think someone on the forums nailed it when they said it looks like Bilbo when he wants the One Ring. It’s downright scary. Zombie Supes.

Then there is Flash:

I think out of all the JL designs, this is my least favorite. I’ve heard the reasoning for it, and I don’t hate it, but it’s just so…..busy? Is that what I’m looking for here?

The other thing, and this isn’t the fault of the movie or toy companies, is that the character just isn’t accessory friendly. No gadgets, no weapons. But c’mon Bandai, would it hurt to include an alternate face here, even if it was a smile or mouth open or something? I’ve seen you add extra heads that just had the brow lowered a bit, barely a noticeable difference at all. Why not here?

Then the kicker. These are both Soul Web exclusives. Which yeah, doesn’t make them impossible to get, but it’s not as easy as just ordering from your favorite outlet. And I’m going to guess Bluefin might have something worked out for domestic release. But both Superman and Flash will run you about $60. Barry releases in April, Clark in June.