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Mezco: Exclusive One:12 Collective Classic Red Skull

When Mezco first showed their exclusive version of the One:12 Collective Red Skull, I knew I had to have him. I usually shy away from this line because of the cost (though I contend the figures are a good value for the price), this figure ticked all my boxes—perfect scale for the rest of my Marvel collection, an important character rendered in a version I adamantly needed, and more so one that works very well with the One:12 signature mix of soft goods, and highly detailed sculpts with plenty of articulation and accessories.

Red Skull comes with two heads, three sets of hands, a sidearm, flamethrower, and of course—the Cosmic Cube. You also get the usual, handsome Mezco display base and clear stand.

I love both of these Red Skull heads. They look spot on to the classic, silver and bronze age Red Skull that I grew up on. The alternate head especially looks like it’s right out of Tales of Suspense.

While it may seem that the green jumpsuit choice is a bit on the bland side, Mezco makes sure that there’s great texture and detail in the areas like boots, accessories, etc.

This is my second Mezco One:12 figure, and I’m very happy with it. The line’s a bit too expensive for me to become a completist, but each time I do get one, it feels like a small luxury. I look forward to the next one. Iron Man, perhaps?

7 thoughts on “Mezco: Exclusive One:12 Collective Classic Red Skull

  1. I picked up the Mezco Captain America at a con for 20 bucks less than the regular asking price, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s made me want to cherry-pick from this line because it’s got some real gems. ESPECIALLY Iron Man, because I love love love love LOVE when they take the classic Iron Man look and make it look like an actual suit of robo-armor.

    I need that classic Cap, tho. BAD.

  2. Absolutely love this fig! My first One:12 figure did not disappoint!! I have entered into a larger world!

  3. I had those same reservations at first, but these are incredible figures. They literally make Marvel Legends look like kids toys.

  4. I LOVE the head sculpts on him! This is the skull I’ve always wanted. Only thing that turns me off is the “soft goods”. Maybe I can put the heads on some ML bodies…

  5. Are those flame effects from Johnny Storm and Scorpion? Was thinking about what fire effects to use with the flame thrower, and those two look perfect for Skull.

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