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Bandai: Star Wars General Grievous 1/12 Scale Model Kit Video and Quick Pics

General Grievous is one of those Star Wars characters that should have an action figure from every company, being a visually interesting design and having a lot of play value. But before this Bandai model kit the only toy we’ve had is the Disney Elite version. And that’s just sad.

Because that thing was terrible. Sure, not bad as a stand-in, but you didn’t want to look at it too closely. Or try to move it. Or attempt to have it stand for any period of time.

Thankfully, this model kit has none of those problems.

Sure, it’s clean. It’s a model kit. You gotta work at it, putting it together and then painting it. But the build here is fantastically intricate. Slightly frustrating, that neck took me a few goes, but as you complete each body part it’s hard not to stare at it for a bit, wondering how you took all those little parts and built this wonderfully detailed piece. By the end it’s so satisfying that it’s hard not to smile.

And that’s not even stepping into the realm of articulation yet. This thing has it in spades. The elbows don’t go past 90 degrees but otherwise it does everything you want it to do. And one of the perks of it being a model is that it is light, which some people find to be a drawback with the rest of the Bandai kits. Here it totally works in it’s favor. Because of the lack of heaviness it stands in nearly any position you can imagine, even with the odd Grievous proportions and stature. This was my biggest worry and the figure passes that test with flying colors.

The lightsabers are larger than 1/12 scale for whatever reason and the cape isn’t the greatest thing in the world but this is the Grievous I’ve been waiting for since Star Wars figures went 6-inch. It’s so good I’m not sure a MAFEX or S.H. Figuarts would win out for shelf supremacy in my display. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still buy them, I’d have to at least compare with my own hands, but this kit is going to be hard to beat.







Extra arms (don’t actually stick together):




14 thoughts on “Bandai: Star Wars General Grievous 1/12 Scale Model Kit Video and Quick Pics

  1. I’m already into TLJ Figuarts for the new Kylo, Rey, Phasma, an FO trooper (the 3 pack that came with the first Imperial BB Unit) and a couple others. I couldn’t justify the cost for another trooper, but I saw this model, I know you love their kits and this one, unlike the SHF, has the laser axe special effects which is cool. I just built the figure last night, I’ve not done the weapons or the decals but so far, it was a good purchase.

  2. I got the Executioner model kit after not being super happy with the SHF. Haven’t had a chance to build it yet but I have a feeling it’s going to be a long winter…

  3. I hate to resurrect an old post but I just put together the Executioner model from bandai last night and I am now sold. Picking up this Grievous on Friday when I get paid. For anyone looking to army build, get the model kits!!

  4. My girlfriend gifted it to me as soon as he came out, and it was still costing not much more than a regular Black Series figure.

  5. I think that making two pair of arms was the best solution to make them good in both modes. The only attempt I saw of the splitting arms is the LC, and in the end it blocks a lot of articulation in both modes.

  6. Again Robo, you not only led a horse to water, but you got him to drink on command, well done sir, already bought this off eBay for a more reasonable $40-ish.

  7. It looks like Amazon and eBay is riding the initial feeding frenzy and upping the price, but I do see some listings for the more realistic $40 plus shipping.

  8. To be honest, I have no clue where that Elite Series Grievous is. Gave it to the boy right after I got it and it’s the disaster area he calls a bedroom. But I’m betting it would be way too heavy for this.

  9. If they did go with a two pack, the Magna Guard or his wheel bike would make more sense since they are associated with him.

  10. Great review and pictures as usual Robo, but that price point has me hesitating. I would love to see Hasbro take a crack at this figure, considering how well they did with K2SO, I could see them crafting a good, :cough: cheaper :cough:, figure as well, maybe a deluxe two pack with Obi-wan or one of his Magna Guard or even with his wheel bike. Or perhaps, they could package him with Obi-wan’s varactyl, the lizard Boga.

  11. Yes! So good. How does the elite series cape look on this? It would probably weigh it down too much, but it might be a placeholder until Rickhor gets on the case.

  12. Two things I could think of as a knock against this one. First, the cape is exactly the wrong material to do this with. I think Hasbro really knocked it out of the park with Vader’s cape so I think Bandai should have found out what they used and used that instead. Second, I realize this would mean more work to put this guy together, but couldn’t they have found a way to work in the split arms so they didn’t have to include a second set?

  13. Awesome review as usual. I just bought one thanks to you. I need to stop watching!

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