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SDCC 2017: NECA Thursday

NECA opened SDCC with an impressive showing of figures from Aliens, Predator, Heroes of the Storm, TMNT, Marvel, and more. Click through for a look at their booth!

I’m still not sure how I feel about a sequel to the seminal film, Blade Runner, but I do really like these figures. The likenesses are crazy good. Kudos to that cool display backdrop, too.

I’m curious about Valerian, but not quite enough to rush out to the theatres and see it this weekend. The figures are pretty slick, though. I dig the design of those space suits.

NECA does this insidious thing where they get me to buy figures I previously had no interest in by adding cool little pieces that I can’t resist. For the Terminator VS Robocop line, it’s this Terminator dog. I need this thing in my life. Or two or five.

I love this Spider-Man quarter scale figure. I wish NECA could release these in the smaller scale because I just don’t have room for the bigger stuff.

Heroes of the Storm are kind of intriguing. They are actually a little smaller than I thought.

Admittedly, I’m not a big horror fan, but the Evil Dead stuff is my jam. I gotta grab all of those. I’m also super impressed with the accessories and options on the Ultimate Freddy, Ash and Chucky figures.

Even though Machicko was announced a while back, I think she was my favorite figure displayed from Alien/Predator. The video game figures from Aliens VS Predator were also really neat. Those video game designs make for fun looking toys. At the other end of the spectrum, how fun is that Burke figure? He’s just a dude in street clothes, but the expression is perfect.

How cool are these Laika figures? I didn’t get the story on them, they look like animation models from the films.

We’ll wrap this up with my personal favorite, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Between the movie stuff and the new roleplaying items, I was already impressed. The reveal today of the Rock Soldiers and Slash were a total surprise that I did not see coming at all and blew me away. Bravo NECA.

This last pic will probably only mean something to me, but it was pretty neat to see some of my pics flying in a huge banner in the exhibit hall.

14 thoughts on “SDCC 2017: NECA Thursday

  1. I realize that, it’s just a shame that Playmates holds the license, limiting what NECA can do with TMNT.

  2. They look to be based on the arcade game as evidenced by the background Technodrome from the game.

  3. That’s the best Paul Riser action figure yet. When are we getting Helen Hunt?

  4. I need that TMNT set. As long as it isn’t some ridiculously expensive and difficult to acquire exclusive.

  5. why do Slash and those Rock Soldiers have that pixelated look? (I know, Playmates) I got the SDCC set and those TMNT figures are amazing. I’d love to see NECA produce more TMNT figures in that style!

  6. Apparently yep, Randy tweeted about it a while back, sales weren’t where they needed to be so they dropped the license. I’m really disappointed.

  7. Never been a fan of “expressions” Kinda wish Burk would come with a neutral face…. Other than that, this NECA show is super cool… More exciting than Toy Fair’s

  8. I’m going to miss the Heroes of the Storm line, NECA did an amazing job with it.

    Love Machiko Noguchi too, so much better than the awful Sideshow and Hot Toys statues. She actually looks Japanese for a start.

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