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SDCC 2017: Four Horsemen Studios

The Four Horsemen Studios booth is always a highlight of Comic-Con for me. They consistently bring a grip of beautifully sculpted and painted prototypes to drool over and this year is no different. Click through for a look at some fantastic Power Lords and Mythic Legions figures!

The booth had a nice mix of Power Lords 2-Ups, production size Power-Lords, Mythic Legions 2.0 Prototypes, a new wave of Mythic Legions figures and a brand new style of Mythic Legion character in the form of Ogres.

The 4H are bringing back the Powerlords in the 3.75 scale and had a nice mix of soldiers and fabulous Barlowe Alien designs.

They also had quite a few figures from the Mythic Legions wave 2 line up. I didn’t go all in on this kickstarter and seeing the prototypes in person made me regret each figure I failed to order.

Also on display were the figures from the upcoming Coliseum Melee set that went up for Pre-Order yesterday.

This set includes, my personal favorite figure of the display, the Cyclops. I love the color scheme and the crazy blue eye just pops! Head over to StoreHorsemen to order a set.

Finally, a new creature debut for the Mythic Legion line, the Ogre. These guys tower over the regular knights, but are shorter than the massive trolls. These two call to mind a couple of MOTU giants a little and are an insta-buy for me.

11 thoughts on “SDCC 2017: Four Horsemen Studios

  1. Yup, I really want that cyclops, but I just checked international shipping and it was nearly the price of the figure so I think that ends that lol. I might have to wait and hope for their next kickstarter to include the monsters to spread the shipping costs out over the rest of the figures more.

  2. The ogres are great, and I agree, but those trolls are really something special. Esp that upcoming cyclops. I have both the forest troll and the stone troll and they may make my top-10 favorite figures ever, they’re so great. I’d recommend getting at least one troll (or the cyclops, same body-mold). Pre-order(s) for the ogres and barbarian may be a little while.

  3. Isn’t there supposed to be another preorder for the Advent of Decay figures this fall? I got nine figures through the Kickstarter but I may have to preorder a few more now.

  4. So hard to get excited about 4horsemen. Stressed out about pre-ordering, and how long they actually take to ship and what have you… and then the fact that BBTS is scalping us on these. I’d love them, it’s prolly better for my health to not even try.

  5. Yep, I was going to pick up a troll this time around but now I’m tempted to put the money towards pre-ordering the ogres since I only budgeted for one of them. Really amazing sculpts

  6. Totally agree. I wound up skipping the trolls but these are definitely a must buy.

  7. Those ogres really are the standout reveal from 4H, definitely want a pair of them. I think I prefer them to the troll even.

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