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SDCC 2017: Mezco One:12 Collective

Mezco’s One:12 Collective line continues to impress with a SDCC display full of new and some previously announced figures. Click through for a look!

If I had an infinite amount of money, I’d probably pre-order everything on the docket in this line. There are a couple figures in particular that stood out for me this year including Batman Beyond, the modern take on the Year One Batman and the punk Joker. It’s crazy how receptive I am to endless takes on Batman and the Joker, but I eat that stuff up.

9 thoughts on “SDCC 2017: Mezco One:12 Collective

  1. Joker has the same haircut Rihanna has. I don’t like it. And the gloves are anti-tough.

  2. Yeah, the GB figures look like they haven’t really changed since they debuted them. I hope they put the hoses on, I love them on the suits.

  3. i may make darkside my very first figure of the line for normaly that size is not my taste plus love that ash one too

  4. These look gorgeous. The ghostbusters will look great on the diorama from Diamond Select.

  5. I am always expecting Mezco to put the hoses on the Ghostbusters suits next time they show them, but they never do it. Do you guys think Mezco has decided to leave them as they are? I don’t get why try to be so realistic and leave off this very noticeable detail in the suits.
    But I love everything else. Their figures keep getting better. I am certainly in for Michael Myers

  6. Oh my god. Between the Netflix Daredevil, Thor and Hulk, and the best looking Batman Beyond figure ever, Mezco is going to take ALL my money this year.

  7. Well I’m going to be broke next year….
    I want everything they showed except for a handful…I won’t be getting pop eye, dibolique, classic spidey, tv daredevil, I’ll probably pass on the X force varients….but other than that I’m going for everything showed…Michael freaking myers!!!

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