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Hasbro: Star Wars: Rogue One Jedha Revolt 4-Pack

As I am sure you know, Star Wars: Rogue One was released on Blu-ray earlier this week, and if you are like me, I am sure you have already watched it once since then. I am also sure know that it is not at all coincidence that Hasbro has a brand new action figure release available to coincide with the Blu-R\ray, so get ready because we have a full gallery for the new Jedha Revolt 4-pack!

I really, really like Rogue One. It is one of, if not THE, most intense Star Wars movies ever, and I have to admit that I will never look at A New Hope the same way again. The movie stands on its own pretty well, but it puts so much more urgency on the Original Trilogy, so those are two major wins for the movie. I only wish that we got to spend more time with Jyn, Cassian, K-2, Chirrut, Baze, and the rest because I wanted to know a LOT more about all of them. So, if I have a beef with Rogue One, it is simply that there just wasn’t enough of it.

Speaking of, that brings us to this new 3.75-inch figure set, because the real stars of the release are Saw Gerrera and Edrio Two-Tubes, two guys that I DEFINITELY wanted to see more from. I will avoid movie spoilers for, like, the one person who has not seen Rogue One yet, but Saw plays heavily into the back story of not only Jyn, but to the Rebellion at large as well. I know he has more of an animate presence, but I really want to see what drove him to the extreme side of the Rebellion because Saw does not suffer BS. His enforcer Edrio (as well as his twin, Benthic) appears to be of the same ilk, plus he probably walks away from the movie with the best look and name, so getting to know him more would have been fun. However, we now have little plastic figures to create our own adventures with, so Saw and Edrio can do as you like.

This is the first time Saw and Edrio have gotten figures in a Hasbro line (hopefully we will see them both in the Black Series at some point), and joining them is a re-release of protagonist Jyn Erso and an Imperial hover tank pilot. I would imagine that Saw and Edrio are worth the price of admission alone for this set, but it is good to get two more essential characters to the NiJedha (that is, Jedha City) skirmish. These figures feature the current standard of the retro-inspired five points of articulation (At the neck, shoulders, and hips), but the overall detail in the sculpts is very good, especially on Saw and Edrio. I would imagine that this will be one of the last major releases prior to some downtime before the influx of The Last Jedi merchandise floods us, but it is definitely a good set to time with the home release of Rogue One.

This is a set that you will want to add to your collection, and as luck would have it, you can get it on Amazon right now! Or, you can get it right from the source at the Hasbro Toy Shop. There were a lot of interesting characters in Rogue One, so I hope that we continue to see figures from this movie as we move ahead in the saga. The insurgency on Jedha makes it fertile ground for adventure, so the more toys, the better. If we have seen the last of these characters in the movies, at least we are getting some cool figures, and as I as I said, you will not want to skip this, even if it is just for Saw and Edrio – they are great figures.

8 thoughts on “Hasbro: Star Wars: Rogue One Jedha Revolt 4-Pack

  1. Edrio IS “Two Tubes”. Two Tubes is Edrios nickname. He and his brother both work for Saw. (Well, they work WITH Saw anyway)

  2. The Obi-Wan movie is most likely going to take place between Eps II and III, during the Clone Wars.

  3. Coming soon Rogue 2: The Bothan Spies!

    I agree, I really liked this movie. I’m old, the PT didn’t thrill me as much as I had hoped. I wanted prequels that didn’t start with 10-year old Vader but maybe started a decade or so before EP IV. This movie really scratched that itch. I’m confident also that the Obi Wan film will work in a similar way. Vader and Tarkin kinda know/suspect that Obi Wan had survived the purge in ANH. A final parting of armored Vader and Obi Wan on film to confirm this would be epic! Just seeing Vader in Rogue One almost makes up for just seeing him walk into a room and fold his arms in EP III!

    Kinda hoping that Saw had his bald head. I think Hasbro could manage a final full R1 wave in BS form. Saw, Edrio. We really need Bohdi. Be a good way to get that ANH Vader back out. We really need Rebel Troopers also! Maybe once the 40th line dies down next year they can do like they did with the 4″ VC, release non-Kenner figures, such as a Tantive IV Rebel Trooper, on vintage inspired cards.

  4. LOL, me too.

    Edrio was my absolute fave character in the whole movie. I say he needs his own movie explaining his backstory and how he ended up working for Two Tubes.

    And of course yes, a 6″ Star Wars Black fig too!

  5. When they went back to 5 poa a few years back, Star Wars figures and I parted ways.

  6. Got me all excited for a second, thought they were Black Series.

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