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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Angela Video and Quick Pics

I remember Angela from Spawn. Kind of. I didn’t read a lot of Spawn. Then I heard about her coming to Marvel. And finally, the Marvel Legends figure was announced. I was perfectly happy skipping her, with my MCU and X-Men stipulation in place and my ignorance of her character. But no, you guys couldn’t leave it alone.

Get her, y’all said. She’s an awesome figure, I heard. Well I’ll be damned, you were right, she IS a pretty fantastic action figure. The sculpt work, the paints, the overall presence of the figure on the shelf is great. And it’s not like she will be swept over to some far corner of the display. She works fairly well with the Marvel Select comic Guardians of the Galaxy, at least until Marvel Legends makes it to the main wall again and there is room for other teams and groups.